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Cruises from Southampton, Dover and Harwich

Cruise ports near London and how to get there with sightseeing options

London cruise ship transfers

The main cruise ports for London are Southampton, Dover and Harwich. All of these are within good proximity to London allowing you to incorporate city plans into your cruising itinerary. We will help you discover all you need to know about the options available.

You can book direct shuttle transfers, sightseeing tour transfers, public transport, private vehicles, shore excursions and accommodation.

In addition to visiting London and enjoying all it has to offer, there are also opportunities to take in some of the English countryside’s most famous and historic sites like Stonehenge, Windsor and Winchester.

Many of these are located along the cruise ship transfer routes, making them the perfect stop off point before boarding or after disembarking your cruise ship. Alternatively, if time or budget is not on your side you can transfer directly using either a pre-booked vehicle or public transport.

Relative position of Central London and Southampton


Cruise transfer options between Southampton, London & Heathrow airport hotels

Southampton cruise terminal
Southampton cruise terminal

Take the hassle out of transferring from or to your cruise ship by using our guide on everything you need to know about Southampton cruise transfers.

It’s about 80 miles (130km) between Southampton and London and there are various transfer options available. You can transfer directly; travel via famous attractions like Stonehenge; or use public transport.

If you want to start or end your cruise holiday in style, then we have some flexible pre cruise and post cruise packages in London and Southampton. These can be tailored exactly to suit your needs and include private transfers.

There are a host of different transport options between London, the airports and Southampton. Your choice will be determined by budget, time and interest in visiting the attractions along the way. We’ll help find the best one for you.

There are: direct shuttle transfers, tour transfers with sightseeing and of course private taxi transfers.

London to Southampton transport options for cruise terminals

Explore your travel options from London to Southampton. Trains, coach, bespoke cruise shuttle transfers with/without sightseeing and private transfers are all available from the capital.

Bespoke cruise transfers pick up from Heathrow hotels and include optional sightseeing. Private transfers offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Or take the National Express Coach.

Travel by National Express Coach or train, or for a more relaxed journey book your own private transfer with a meet and greet service. This can be tailored with sightseeing options.

Stansted or Luton airport to Southampton

The best way to get to Southampton from London Stansted or Luton airport is to head into London and then pick up a transfer from there. Both airports are served by frequent direct trains into the capital which take approximately 30 minutes.



Southampton Central train station

Trains to Southampton

The train is the fastest form of public transport but is more expensive than coach. Direct services depart from Waterloo Station to Southampton Central. After disembarking you must take an onward taxi journey from the rail station to your Southampton cruise terminal. Walking is too far with luggage.

Southampton coach station

Coaches to Southampton

The coach is the cheapest but slowest form of public transport. Direct separate coach services depart from London Victoria Station, Heathrow Airport and Gatwick to Southampton. Like the train you will need to take a local taxi Southampton cruise terminal on arrival in Southampton.


Key features of cruise ship shuttle transfers

  • Guaranteed to operate - there is no minimum group size and will run with only 1 passenger
  • Executive vehicles are used with wifi and uniformed drivers.
  • All Central London hotels, Air bnbs and Heathrow hotels are visited in both directions
  • Luggage allowance per person is 2 items of hold luggage (23kg each) and 2 items of carry- on luggage (10kg each)

London and Heathrow Airport to Southampton direction

  • Maximum of 6 passengers, 4 pickups/drop offs per journey
  • Pickups mid-morning in London and Heathrow
  • Arrival at cruise terminals by 1:00pm - 1:30pm

Southampton to London and Heathrow Airport direction

  • Maximum of 8 passengers, 4 pickups/drop offs per journey
  • Meet n Greet at the Southampton cruise terminal between 0800 – 0830 am
  • Scheduled arrival into Heathrow is approx. 1030am and into central London 11am

Joining the cruise ship transfer service

Pick-up times are provided before you make a booking.

For the transfer to Southampton relax in your Central London or Heathrow hotel reception with your luggage, ready to board when the vehicle arrives.

At Heathrow Airport we cannot pick up from passenger terminals due to parking restrictions. The Sofitel Heathrow Hotel and the Hilton Heathrow Terminal 4 are linked to terminals 5 and 4 respectively. If you are using passenger terminals 2 or 3 you will need to take a hotel bus called the Heathrow Hoppa to one of the supported hotels.

For the transfer from Southampton you will be greeted by a representative as you enter the public area of the cruise terminal. airline style and directed to your vehicle. At Heathrow vehicles will drop you off at both Heathrow hotels and passenger terminals.

£73 one-way, except Central London to Southampton at £75

  • Pay in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euro
  • Guaranteed to operate - no minimum group size
  • Maximum of 8 passengers, 4 pickups/drop offs
  • Executive vehicles with wifi and uniformed drivers
  • If your ship is late docking, we will wait
  • Serves any London city centre hotel/Airbnb
  • Serves Heathrow Airport hotels, terminal drops


Saloon / Sedan car

STANDARD SALOON CAR (e.g. Toyota Prius)
London* £158, Heathrow £125, Gatwick £150
1- 3 passengers • 2 large, 2 hand luggage

Executive car

EXECUTIVE CAR (e.g. Mercedes E Class)
London* £176, Heathrow £143, Gatwick £168
1- 3 passengers • 2 large, 2 hand luggage

VIP car

VIP CAR (e.g. Mercedes S Class)
London* £208, Heathrow £175, Gatwick £200
1- 4 passengers • 2 large, 2 hand luggage

Estate / Station Wagon car

ESTATE CAR (e.g. Ford Mondeo)
London* £165, Heathrow £132, Gatwick £157
1- 4 passengers • 3 large, 4 hand luggage

MPV car

MPV (e.g. Ford Galaxy)
London* £176, Heathrow £143, Gatwick £168
1- 5 passengers • 4 large, 5 hand luggage

Mercedes Vito

LARGE CAR / VAN (e.g. Mercedes Vito)
London* £193, Heathrow £165, Gatwick £185
1- 8 passengers • 8 large, 8 hand luggage

7 seat executive car

7 SEAT EXECUTIVE CAR (e.g. Mercedes V Class)
London* £213, Heathrow £180, Gatwick £205
1- 8 passengers • 7 large, 7 hand luggage

Wheelchair accessible car

London* £193, Heathrow £160, Gatwick £185
1- 8 passengers • 8 large, 8 hand luggage

* London reference hotel used: Marriott Kensington hotel

Large luggage: 35.5 x 29.5 x 16in or 90 x 75 x 43cm (max: 25Kg)

Hand luggage: 22 x 18 x 10in or 56 x 45 x 25cm (max: 10Kg)

On-line instant reservations enable you to book your transfer instantly and securely:


Our cruise ship tour transfers are exclusive to cruise customers disembarking or boarding ships at Southampton cruise port. A great opportunity to include world class sightseeing on your journey to or from your cruise ship.

Like the Southampton direct cruise ship shuttle service the tour transfer service is door to door between your cruise ship and your London or Heathrow Airport hotel. The service also drops at Heathrow passenger terminals.

Important note regarding timings for 2021

Due to possible timed embarkation procedures being put in place for 2021, it may be necessary to amend slightly the advertised timings. This is to ensure guests arrive at the cruise terminal at their allocated embarkation time. If timed embarkation policies are introduced, all customers will be contacted prior to the transfer to confirm their specific timings.

Half day tour transfers travelling from London & Heathrow Airport to Southampton

You are met at your Heathrow or Central London hotel early morning and arrive at your cruise ship around early afternoon. You will spend around 2 hours at the sightseeing attraction.

Transfer tour of Stonehenge between London hotels and Heathrow or Gatwick airports


Stop off at Stonehenge en route to Southampton. Spend up to 2 hours visiting the site, entry is included.

Book now from £94pp

Transfer tour of Windsor Castle between London hotels and Heathrow or Gatwick airport


Discover Windsor Castle on your London to Southampton transfer. Entry to the castle is included.

Book now from £105pp

Transfer tour of Winchester between London hotels and Heathrow or Gatwick airports


Explore the city of Winchester as you make your way to Southampton. Cathedral entrance is included.

Book now from £91pp

Full day tour transfers travelling from Southampton to Heathrow Airport & London

Your driver will meet you at the terminal building exit from 08:00am and will accompany you the coach. We plan to leave Southampton by 08:30am. There is a typical walk of about 75 yards to the vehicle where the driver will load your luggage into the hold. In the unlikely event your ship is delayed into port, we will delay our departure.

Drops begin at Heathrow Airport (hotels and passenger terminals) typically around 5:00pm and Central London hotels about one hour later.

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor cruise transfer Southampton

Salisbury, Stonehenge & Windsor

Excursion including the impressive cathedral city of Salisbury, Stonehenge around lunch time then enjoy an afternoon at Windsor and the castle.

Book now from £92pp

Bath and Windsor cruise transfer Southampton

Georgian City of Bath & Windsor

Explore the Georgian city of Bath, take a short walking tour or visit the Roman Baths (extra charge). Continue to Windsor and visit the Windsor Castle.

Book now from £92pp

Cotswolds cruise transfer Southampton

Cotswold Villages & pub lunch

Discover the Cotswolds, a filming location for Downton Abbey. Visit Brampton Village in the popular TV series and have lunch in a 15th century inn.

Book now from £92pp

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