Independent shore excursions from Southampton cruise ships

Practical information on sightseeing independently from your cruise ship in Southampton


Sightseeing available from Southampton

If your cruise ship is docked at Southampton for the day, or you have decided to stay a couple of days at a Southampton hotel before or after your cruise there is a wealth of world class sightseeing on your doorstep.


Portsmouth, Winchester, Salisbury and Stonehenge are all within an hour and can be visited independently by public transport or with your own private car and driver.

Southampton itself is a commercial port primarily and there are no scheduled public day tours that you can take that depart and return to Southampton.

Although Southampton is often labelled as a cruise port for London, it is 65 miles away and for a day trip 4 hours would need to be put aside for the travelling to and from London. Windsor, Bath or Oxford are possible by private car.

Main sightseeing options from Southampton


Salisbury is famous for Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta within the Chapter House. Salisbury is a very welcoming small city with a historic medieval city centre. Several trains an hour connect Southampton and Salisbury with journey times of anything between 30 and 50 minutes.


Along the way we'll explain the history, show you ancient places not in the guide books and tell you about the English themselves.

Salisbury - more details


Salisbury is the closest town/city to world famous Stonehenge. The Stonehenge Tour Bus runs at least hourly between Salisbury and Stonehenge and also visits Old Sarum an old iron age hill fort with much history itself.

Stonehenge - more details


Portsmouth is the home of the British Navy and the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a major attraction with a wide variety of things to see,do and experience. At least hourly trains take an hour from Southampton to Portsmouth.


Winchester like Salisbury is known for its medieval Cathedral, one of the finest in England and welcoming city centre. The Great Hall of Winchester Castle houses the medieval round table linked to King Arthur. There are several trains each hour between Southampton and Winchester each hour taking 15-20 minutes.

English Countryside "Pubs"

There is a wide choice of options to visit quintessential English villages with thatched roofs and pubs and the rolling green countryside, some of the finest scenery of its type in the world.


Affordable fully guided shore excursion

There are so many wonderful places to visit with an hour or so of Southampton. Unfortunately Southampton is a commercial port and doesn't support scheduled public coach tours.


However we can provide you with a top quality and affordable private tour option.

David Hutchison - Blue Badge driver gsuide

David Hutchison - Blue Badge Driver Guide

David has been a Blue Badge Guide - the top level qualification for tour guides in the UK - since 2011.

After graduating from Cambridge University and majoring in Archaeology, David had a full career in the British Army, reaching the rank of Colonel.


As an officer in the Grenadier Guards, he has wide experience of ceremonial and state occasions, and regular contact with the Royal Family.

He organised a number of Royal and political visits, including one of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s visits to Northern Ireland; so you can be assured of a well organised programme delivered to the highest standards.

David lives near Salisbury and knows this part of England intimately and loves to showcase the region to visitors.

A summary of the service that David offers is as follows.

- Up to an 8-9 hour day tour with a customised itinerary refined to your needs

- Top quality Blue Badge standard of guiding

- A comfortable touring vehicle that can accommodate 6 (with luggage 4 people)

- For the vast majority of tours the total fee for the whole group will be under £500 (not including attraction admissions)

- One-way (e.g. Southampton - Bath) and multi- day tours undertaken

Below is a crude map of travel times between the main places of interest to tourists.

However, tours are customised for each individual tour and there is so much to see ranging from themed or special interest tours to just taking in the English countryside and sampling a village pub.


A major part of attaining a tour to remember is the planning phase where we can help refine your itinerary to your interests and needs.


For a no obligation quotation or initial discussion just use the form at the bottom of the page.

Map Of Tour Options From Southampton

The first step to a private tour

Every tour we carry out has been customised to the individual needs of the customer, every tour is different.

We take great care in the planning phase making sure the itinerary you agree to is a great fit of your needs.

So please take time to put as much information as you can on the form below that is pertinent to the tour.

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