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Sofitel Hotel Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Sofitel Hotel Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Perhaps the first point that should be made for those looking for a Heathrow airport hotel using Terminal 5 is there is only one hotel, the Sofitel Heathrow that you can walk to from Terminal 5.


If you are using Terminal 5 the only reason not to use the Sofitel is price.

The Sofitel Heathrow is a fine, fine hotel but is reliably just about the most expensive hotel of the approximately 30 mainstream hotels at Heathrow you can choose from.

There are other hotels that have Terminal 5 in their name, the Hilton Terminal 5, Holiday inn Terminal 5, Thistle Terminal 5 Holiday Inn Express Terminal 5 and Travelodge Terminal 5.


None however are close to Terminal 5, far to far to walk, you will need a bus transfer for these.

Heathrow Airport is a very large airport, and Terminal 5 is isolated on the western perimeter of the airport. It can take 10-15 minutes or more to drive from Terminal 5 to Terminals 2 and 3 for instance.

Terminals 2 and 3 are together in the centre of the airport between the runways.


Terminal 5 is on the airport perimeter at the western edge of the airport, Terminal 4 on the perimeter on the southern edge of the airport. Heathrow Airport hotel choices are dominated by the large global chains, many of which have several hotels, each serving particular passenger terminals.

Terminal 5 to Thistle Heathrow Hotel by Direct Pod in 5 minutes

Thistle Heathrow automatic driverless pods to Terminal 5

Automatic driverless pods between
Terminal 5 & Thistle Heathrow

If you are using Terminal 5 but are put off by the price of the Sofitel at Terminal 5 then a great solution to make your hotel transfer as stressless and speedy as possible, is the Pod service to the Thistle Terminal 5.

The Thistle Terminal 5 is the only Heathrow hotel that has access to the Pod service, which also serves one of the long term car parks at Terminal 5.

The Pod is an automated capsule of your very own that will transfer you between Terminal 5 and the Thistle Heathrow Hotel in just 5 minutes.

The automatic driverless pods transport customers between London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 (you will find the pod terminus within Terminal 5 on level 2) at a cost of £5 per person (last advised price).

Thistle Heathrow Terminal 5 - More Details

Hotel transfers from Terminal 5 by bus

If you do not stay at the Sofitel or the Pod service to the Thistle Heathrow you will need a bus transfer to your hotel.

There are no complementary hotel van shuttles allowed, the airport authority runs their own hotel buses called Hoppa Buses.

There are many Hotel Hoppa bus routes. Each route services 3 or 4 hotels that are close to one another on the edge of the airport at frequencies commonly every 30 minutes from Terminal 5.


There is a flat fee that is the same for every Heathrow hotel whatever the distance from the passenger terminals.

Most of the Hoppa routes that service Terminal 5 also service terminal 4 in addition.

Heathrow Hoppa details

Heathrow Hoppa Bus

Heathrow Hoppa Bus

The only practical alternative to a Hoppa Bus for a Heathrow hotel from Terminal 5, (apart from the Sofitel) are public red London buses.

The closest hotels to Terminal 5 by distance are the Travelodge Terminal 5, Hilton Terminal 5, Holiday Inn Terminal 5, Sheraton Heathrow, Heathrow Lodge, and Thistle Heathrow, all to the west and north-west of the airport.

From outside terminal 5 arrivals the 423 red London bus departs about every 20-30 minutes and passes the Park Inn, Renaissance, Ibis Styles, Radisson, Marriott Heathrow, Sheraton Skyline, Leonardo Hotel, Hyatt Place Hotel, Thistle, Sheraton, Premier Inn Terminal 5 and Heathrow Lodge.

The fare is free to these hotels.

The 423 bus is a single deck bus with minimal room for luggage storage, a problem if you are travelling heavy. My experience is that this bus is seldom crowded.

Details of public bus alternatives to Hoppa Bus Heathrow

Heathrow Airports Transfers & Logistics

The Heathrow Lodge is just about the cheapest hotel at Heathrow offering simple, basic rooms.

It alone is able to run its own complementary van shuttle to all terminals including terminal 5.

The Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow is the other side of the airport from Terminal 5 but is still well worth considering when using Terminal 5 if you are keen to get into London.

Hatton Cross Underground Station is close to the Hilton Garden Inn and the London Underground goes direct from Terminal 5 where it terminates two stops to Hatton Cross.

Apart from the expensive Hilton Terminal 4 and Sofitel at Terminal 5 all other hotels require a 20-30 minute journey to get to the London station platform.

Beware hidden charges beyond hotel room price

What to look for so total outlay ends within budget

Many people make their purchasing decision based purely on the headline price of the room.


This can be a big mistake at Heathrow where add-ons you can avoid if you are smart can easily be far more than the room price - especially at the weekends when hotels offer very attractive headline deals when the free spending business people are away.

- Check the room price includes sales tax (currently 20% in the UK).

- Factor in the cost of getting to and from the hotel. If your hotel is not on the 423 bus route the Hoppa Bus that becomes almost mandatory can be a significant cost.

- Eating and drinking at the airport hotels can be eye watering in terms of prices. A meal for two can turn out to be more than the cost of your room that night. If your hotel is isolated as many are, you may have limited opportunity to escape from hotel prices for food and drink.

- If you want to use the Internet check whether it is free or not. A lot of hotels still charge steeply for wi-fi to protect their pay TV/Movie revenues.

Hotel on Bath Road - best hotel location for Terminals 5

The Bath Road basically forms the northern perimeter of Heathrow Airport. Many of Heathrow's hotels are along the Bath Road and there are regular public buses running along the Bath Road 24/7.

A hotel along the Bath Road is your best location if you want to escape the hotel for food, drink and entertainment. You will find some restaurants, pubs, fast food and convenience stores as an alternative to the hotel here.

The 423 London red buses runs nearly the full length of the Bath Road giving you a free transfer option to and from Terminal 5. The western section of the Bath Road is nearest to Terminal 5.

Detailed guide to the Bath Road (Western Section) locality around hotels

The western section of the Bath Road has a good range of hotels from budget to four star, but if you want a really top hotel there are a cluster of very large 4 and 5 star hotels on the eastern section of the Bath Road.

These are the Renaissance Heathrow, Marriott Heathrow, Sheraton Skyline and Radisson Edwardian. Beyond this cluster of hotels the 423 bus turns off the Bath Road, but the Hoppa Buses do service hotels beyond.

Detailed guide to Bath Road (Eastern Section) locality around hotels

Best budget hotels for Terminal 5

If you are on a budget presumably you don't want to pay for the frills of a full service 4 star hotel. There are several solid budget chain no frills hotels within easy reach of Terminal 5.


The benchmark hotels in this sector in our opinion should be the Travelodge Terminal 5, Premier Inn Terminal 5 and Holiday Inn Express Terminal 5.

Premier Inn Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport London

Premier Inn Terminal 5 Heathrow

The Travelodge is reliably the cheapest of the three. The Travelodge is without a car quite isolated and your only effective link with the outside world is the Hoppa Bus.

The Holiday Inn Express and Premier Inn Terminal 5 have local buses and pubs, fast food and restaurants within easy walking range.

If lowest cost is everything to you the Heathrow Lodge is normally the cheapest option on the airport.


This is the only accommodation that offers a free shuttle to and from the passenger terminals.


The Heathrow Lodge is in Longford that has a few pubs and a McDonald’s about 10 minutes walk away. The 423 bus passes the door

Best full service hotels from Terminal 5

If you require a full service hotel with room service and other frills then the Sofitel at Terminal 5 itself is hard to beat for combining quality with convenience.

If quality is your overriding requirement but you want an alternative to the Sofitel, possibly much cheaper then four hotels all clustered together on the Bath Road should be on your short list, the Marriott Heathrow, Sheraton Skyline, Radisson Edwardian and Renaissance Hotels. All have Hoppa buses and the 423 bus.

All of these hotels are very large and popular for hosting large conferences. The hotels are geared towards the business market, room rates drop significantly at the weekend when they may tempt those who normally opt for a budget hotel.

If you have one eye on the wallet but still want some of the services of a four star hotel the Marriott Windsor/Heathrow, Heathrow Hotel and Sheraton Hotels are worth checking out.

All of the full service hotels at Heathrow have very volatile room rates. Price differentials between hotels change all the time on an almost daily basis.

Want to go sightseeing in Central London?

The London Underground that offers a reasonable cost transport option takes best part of an hour to get into Central London.


Pay out the premium prices of the fast Heathrow Express train and the London terminus is probably far from where you want to go in Central London.

From most Heathrow hotels you'll need to add on 20-30 minutes to get to the position where you are actually boarding the train into London from your hotel.

The notable exception to this is at Terminals 4 and 5, the Hilton Terminal 4 and the Sofitel Terminal 5 that have direct access to the train stations at these terminals.


However these hotels are normally the most expensive on the airport.

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Heathrow Airport

Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow

For more reasonably priced hotels the Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow is a good choice, being less than 5 minutes walk from Hatton Cross Underground.

The Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow is orientated towards passengers using terminals 4 or 5. There is a Hoppa Bus and the London Underground runs direct from Terminal 5 to Hatton Cross Underground.


You can also get the red London buses 482 and 490 from outside Terminal 5 arrivals to Hatton Cross Underground free of charge.

The St Giles Hotel at Feltham is another hotel convenient for getting into London, located next to Feltham Station with frequent commuter trains, much faster than the Underground.


The 490 red London bus connects Terminal 5 with Feltham Station beside which the St Giles Hotel is located. (Though note this journey is not free you pay the standard red London bus flat fare).

Overnight in Paddington, Central London

Heathrow Express from Paddington faster check-in than many airport hotels

The Heathrow Express Train takes just 15 minutes between Heathrow Central Station and Paddington in Central London.

This is about the same time that hotel shuttle buses take to get to most airport hotels. The Heathrow Express is also at least as frequent as the hotels shuttles, more frequent than most.

If seeing a little of London is important to you then why not stay overnight at a hotel around Paddington Station instead of at Heathrow.

Hotels near Paddington Station details

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