Private tours & tour transfers from London Heathrow Airport

From one person to large groups we can organise a tour that fits your needs and budget

Harry Norman (Driver/Guide For Car Tours)and Friend At Horseguards London

Private, personalised high quality tours from a car tour to a full size touring coach

At the London Toolkit we are very close to a lot of private tour providers from one man bands specialising in a niche to the large day tour operators.


We do not directly provide a custom tour, our role is to listen to your needs, discuss a realistic itinerary and then put you in touch with an appropriate provider for your need.

The most common types of private tours and tour transfers we are called upon to assist with:


- Customised day tours for couples and families in and around London


- Transfer tours to and from London's cruise ports.


- Transport with or without guide to places not otherwise available on a tour like Stonehenge Special Access and Highclere Castle


- Day tours and transfer tours for large groups


- Sightseeing tours between long stopovers between flights or between airports


Overview of private day tours

Because the tours are private tours, start time and location is up to you. At Heathrow this can mean meet n greet as you exit customs at a Heathrow Passenger Terminal or perhaps a Heathrow hotel. You do not need to return to the start point, so a tour could be a transfer tour.

At Heathrow Airport passenger terminals the small cars/vans up to 7 seats can get into the airport car parks adjacent to the terminal buildings. Larger vehicles have to wait in a special compound on the edge of the airport and are released about 30-45 minutes after your flight lands to special parking points outside the arrivals halls of each terminal.

Unless there is some unusual aspect to your requirements we have flat fees that are easy to understand. A standard day tour is around 9-10 hours duration.

The quoted prices are inclusive of all taxes, but do not include admissions to any attractions.


International Friends Small Group Tour Bus

Typical Touring Van

International Friends Small Group Tour Bus

Typical 16 Seat Tour Bus

London Sightseeing Tour Bus

Large 50 Seat Tour Bus

We can arrange advance ticketing at most major attractions and for groups you will be able to use the fast group entrances that many attractions have.

We have some of the most experienced driver/guides and guides in Britain, (we also run public tours from London every day of the year).


If you prefer, you can save some money and just have a straight driver providing a friendly service but no professional guiding.

Our prices are also based on 1 collection and drop off point. If you require extra collection and drop offs or in excess of 10 hours vehicle hire, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quotation.


Private car tours

We use a variety of cars and small vans suited to touring from small MPV style cars to 7 seat Volkswagen minivans like that pictured right.

The largest vehicles can carry approximately 8 large cases between 10-23 kg plus hand luggage.

The cars and Volkswagen minivans are able to enter the car parks next to the passenger terminals at Heathrow so you have a short walk when you exit the customs and baggage halls and a fast getaway.


Small groups of 8 to 16

For groups of 7 to 16 people the standard vehicle is our 16 seat air conditioned Mercedes mini-coaches, the same vehicles that perform our public small group day tours from London.

These small coaches can drive down the country lanes and visit villages the large tour buses cannot, so they come into their own when visiting places like the Cotswolds.


Large groups of more than 16

Once you go above 16 seats you will need a full size touring coach with anything from 24 seats to 60 seats. For these you will have a dedicated driver and a separate guide.

Prices of the largest coaches are not that much more than the smaller capacity coaches so price per person can dramatically fall the larger your group is.


Tour planning

Some people have a tight specification of exactly what they want, others just have a broad idea of what they like and want to see and let us plan something that meets that need. We are comfortable with either type of request.

Below is a crude map of travel times between the some of the main places of interest outside London. You may want to put your own itinerary together and run it past us for comment.


Tours are customised for each individual group. Go where you want to go at a pace you want.

Note: The quality driver/guides that we use are normally booked up solid several weeks ahead during the peak season of June to September. If you require a custom tour within this period please contact us well in advance to avoid disappointment otherwise you might be dependent on late cancellations for an offer.

Map Of Tour Options From Heathrow
Private Day Tour Rates From London

Tours of London from Heathrow terminals & hotels by London black taxi (maximum 5 people)

The least hassle and most straight forward way to get a good look at London's iconic sights from Heathrow is to let one of London's famous black taxi cabs and one of their equally famous cabbies show you around London.


The tour departs and returns to your hotel at Heathrow or passenger terminal and you decide where you would like to visit. Alternatively let your cabbie suggest an itinerary for you. Luggage can be carried as well.

For full details of this opportunity, click through on the banner below.


London Black Taxi Tours From Heathrow Airport

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