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Gatwick - Stansted Airport Bus Shuttle Transfer

National Express Airport Coach Service - The Only Direct Public Transport Link Between LGW & STN

National Express Gatwick - Stansted Bus

National Express coaches run direct, frequent coaches between all of London's four major airports, including a Stansted - Gatwick Airport Bus.

This coach service isn't the fastest way to travel between Gatwick and Stansted airports, that's the Gatwick - Stansted train option via Central London but the Gatwick - Stansted bus service it is the only public transport service that will take you direct airport to airport without a change of transportation.

National Express Bus Between Gatwick & Stansted Airport

The Stansted - Gatwick Airport Bus is operated by National Express with comfortable coaches complete with on board washrooms. Gatwick and Stansted Airports are opposite sides of London, the National Express coach goes around London's orbital motorway/freeway. Half way around the orbital motorway is Heathrow Airport where coaches make stops.

Note - there is no direct Gatwick - Stansted train service, though you can travel by train with two interchanges in Central London.

Note - there is no Gatwick - Stansted shared van shuttle style service.

Minimum Times Between Flights ?

The journey time on the bus is scheduled at around 3 hours. Absolute minimum time with no contingency between flights that you should contemplate making a transfer between Gatwick and Stansted is 6 hours using this service.

Remember the fastest way between Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport is not direct via coach but indirect via Central London with a change of transport.

Map of Relative Positions Of London's Airports

Perhaps because of the slow speed of this option this is not the most frequent inter-airport bus service either, typically running around every 2 hours. You may well find that its quicker to do the journey indirect with a change of National Express coach at Heathrow Airport. (Consult the National Express travel planner through the banner below.).

Road Congestion Warning!

Most of the route between Gatwick and Stansted is along some of the most heavily congested motorway/freeway in Europe. It only takes one accident or lane closure and the whole road comes to gridlock with major delays

Mondays to Fridays between 06:30 and 10:00 and 15:30 and 19:00 traffic congestion is routine, expect delays at this time.

There can also be severe congestion late Sunday afternoon/ early evening. But at anytime the slightest incident can bring the road to gridlock.

Finding The Bus At Gatwick & Stansted

Stansted Airport

In front of Stansted Airport's passenger terminal is a very large bus station. All the different buses are lined up with their own bays. There is a waiting room and somewhere to get a coffee and snacks. When you come out of the customs area, just look up and follow the signs downstairs to the bus station.

Gatwick Airport

At Gatwick the National Express bus visits both North and South Terminals. For boarding and drops the the coach bays are well signed and are directly in front of the passenger terminals, a few yards out of the door.

National Express Luggage Allowance

You can carry two medium-sized suitcases - weighing up to 20kg (44 lbs) each - plus one small piece of hand luggage per person. Drivers loading the baggage do not weigh bags. Customers will be permitted to pool their individual allowances if they are travelling in a group or as a family, but they must be travelling on the same ticket.

Over this allowance and steep excess luggage charges kick in. Passengers within the luggage allowance get boarded first, those with excess luggage only get boarded if there is sufficient space left in the luggage hold, even if they have purchased a ticket.

National Express Bus Routing

The direct Gatwick - Stansted buses are not dedicated Gatwick to Stansted buses. Most of the buses terminate/start at Gatwick Airport and service Heathrow and Stansted airports before continuing north to Cambridge and Norwich.

Indicative Journey Times of National Express Gatwick - Direct Stansted Bus

Gatwick North Terminal


Gatwick South Terminal


Heathrow Bus Station (Terminals 1,3) Arrive


Heathrow Bus Station (Terminals 1,3) Depart


Stansted Airport


Note: There are no stops at any airport hotels

You can also buy a single tickets for two separate separate National Express services that connect with one another. National Express operate services from both Gatwick and Stamsted to London's only coach station in the Victoria district of Central London. Journey times are typically longer, but fares are cheaper.

Purchasing Tickets

You can buy tickets at the National Express ticket desks in the arrival halls at Stansted and Gatwick. You can also purchase e-tickets in advance on-line using a credit card.

If you book on-line you are guaranteed a seat on the schedule you select, turning up on the day you are not.

It is recommended booking a service at least 80 minutes after the arrival time of your flight. ?

Variable Fares & Best Price

On the Gatwick - Stansted route there is no set standard fare. When you go on-line below you will normally be offered a cheaper price if you book well in advance, purchasing within a few days of travel results in a fare similar to the walk up fare on the day.

National Express Airport Coach Services

Stansted - Gatwick Airport Private Transfers

A private car or bus with a clear run takes around 80 minutes to make the journey between Stansted and Gatwick.

As well as being the most convenient and stress free option, private vehicles can make real sense, especially if there is a group of you or you have lots of luggage.

Private Airport Car Transfers
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