Visiting Salisbury - what to expect

Also a gateway for visiting Stonehenge independently

Tudor cafe in Salisbury town centre
Salisbury has plenty of old Tudor architecture

Salisbury is approximately 80 miles south west of London and an easy day trip from London.

Salisbury Cathedral is the main draw for most visitors. Unlike its cousins, Salisbury did not evolve gradually over centuries, with constant additions and renovations.

As a result, it presents a unity of vision that is remarkable. Every year more than 600,000 visitors come from all over the world to the Cathedral and Close, the largest and best preserved Cathedral Close in Britain.

Just outside current day Salisbury is Old Sarum (Old Salisbury) originally an old Iron Age hill fort that was Salisbury until medieval times.

Salisbury is also the main jumping off point for world famous Stonehenge.

We have a page covering the logistics of making a visit to Stonehenge by public transport from Salisbury.

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Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

The single biggest attraction within Salisbury itself is Salisbury Cathedral, one of the finest Gothic Cathedrals in England.

For US visitors, the Magna Carta on show in the Chapter House is a special attraction. Tower tours are especially popular.

Every year more than 600,000 visitors come from all over the world to the Cathedral and Close, the largest and best preserved Cathedral Close in Britain.

The City of Salisbury

In the rush to see Canterbury Cathedral and then push on to nearby Stonehenge, the City of Salisbury is sometimes overlooked.

The city was at its height arguably back in medieval times, a centre for the wool industry. Many of the buildings in the centre are the wooden-framed houses dating back to this time.

It's worth at least a stroll through the shopping area, perhaps taking a leisurely cream tea.

Old Sarum (Old Salisbury)

Old Sarum, Salisbury
Old Sarum

Salisbury, despite its medieval street plan and wooden houses, is not that old comparatively for an English city. Modern day Salisbury grew around the Cathedral from the 13th century.

Its predecessor, Old Sarum, sits up on the hill above current day Salisbury. The battlements of the Iron Age Hill Settlement that it originally was are impressive and you can see the remains of the original Salisbury Cathedral and Norman Castle.

Getting to Salisbury by public transport

Salisbury Rail Map
Salisbury Rail Map

Salisbury by train

It is quite an attractive proposition to take a three or four day tour of the main English attractions.

There are frequent trains connecting Salisbury, Bath and Oxford. Oxford is 70 miles from Salisbury to the north east; Bath is 40 miles to the north west.

Frequent trains run from London's Waterloo station taking approximately 90 minutes to do the journey to Salisbury.

There are normally two trains an hour operating up until very late evening.

London - Salisbury train times & fares

Further afield from Salisbury...

Salisbury is a good base for visiting Stonehenge in addition to its own charms.

North of Salisbury are the Cotswolds, and just a bit further north still is Stratford Upon Avon.



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Salisbury & Stonehenge tour with Windsor Castle and Bath

Both Salisbury and Stonehenge are under 2 hours drive from London and each are within 30 minutes of each other.

Golden Tours offer a regular tour that visits four of southern England's top destinations: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath in just one day from London. Entrances are included.

A fascinating and varied day tour in an air conditioned coach with knowledgeable guide.

Salisbury, Windsor, Stonehenge & City of Bath tour from London

The Stonehenge Tour Bus

Stonehenge Tour Bus
The Stonehenge Tour Bus - from Salisbury to Stonehenge

The Stonehenge Tour Bus is the only regular public transport to Stonehenge. It normally runs at least hourly and more frequently in the summer months. The Stonehenge Tour Bus also allows you to stop over at Old Sarum, which is worthwhile.

The journey itself is quite scenic. The Stonehenge Tour Bus starts from Salisbury Rail Station and also picks up at the Bus Station. There is no left luggage facility at the train station but the Railway Tavern, a pub by the station performs the left luggage role. Turn left on exiting the station and you will see the pub immediately along the approach rod to the station. Note - before 1200hrs you will need to ring the bell to drop off luggage.



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