Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge visitor information & tours - your guide to exploring Stonehenge

Stonehenge is the world's most well known prehistoric monument and one of the most popular attractions for visitors to the UK.

A memorable, easy and practical way to see Stonehenge from London is to take one of our tours to Stonehenge.

If exploring Stonehenge independently we offer Stonehenge visitor information such as Stonehenge tickets, opening hours and how best to get there.

Brushing up on the history of Stonehenge helps to put the spectacle in front of your eyes into perspective. As Stonehenge is a place of magic and mystery, many people choose to visit on the solstices to experience the sun rising over the stones at dawn.

Explore Stonehenge history and mystery and discover some amazing tours to Stonehenge from London.

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Stonehenge tours

Stonehenge tours from London including Special Access tours to see inside the circle and full day tours combined with places like Bath, Windsor.

Visitor Centre Stonehenge

Stonehenge visitor information

What you need to know about Stonehenge including getting there & shuttle bus, tickets, Visitor Centre, getting a guide and more.

stonehenge exhibit - Neolithic huts

Stonehenge history

What will you see at Stonehenge? Who built it and why? Your guide to the basics on the importance of one of the world's most famous prehistoric monument.

 stonehenge, bath and windsor tour from london

Stonehenge tours

You have many choices when it comes to Stonehenge tours from London. Choose from a simple half day tour which offers great affordability, or have a full day out and visit other top UK destinations such as Windsor Castle or Bath.

You might want be one of the very few people to experience being inside Stonehenge by taking a Special Access tour - only available on selected dates, at sunrise or sunset. The only way to walk inside the circle of stones outside of the solstice celebrations.

There are also options to visit Stonehenge as part of your cruise transfer or alternatively visit privately with your own guide.

Stonehenge Tours

All Stonehenge tours from London

A range of Stonehenge tours from London including good value half-day and with Windsor, Bath, Stratford and more.

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Stonehenge Special Access

Special Access tours

See Stonehenge as few do - at sunrise or sunset with these special behind-the-ropes tours, some enjoy a meal in a comfortable country pub.

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Stonehenge cruise transfer

Stonehenge cruise transfers

Visit Stonehenge as well as Salisbury and Windsor on this great value cruise transfer from Southampton. Entrances included.

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Stonehenge private tours

Private Stonehenge tours

Get more out of your visit to Stonehenge with your own private guide, with comfortable transport from London and planned just for you.

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Stonehenge summer solstice tour from London

stonehnge special access summer solstice day tour from london
Witness the sun rise over the Heel Stone at dawn

Ever fancied experiencing the thrill of seeing an ancient monument at dawn, as our ancestors would have done on a pivotal day of the year?

While the ultimate purpose of Stonehenge still remains a mystery, we do know that it was built to align with the sun on both the solstices, winter and summer.

If you can be an early riser for this special day in the year, you can leave London in the small hours and be on Salisbury Plain in time to watch the sun rise behind the Heel Stone in the north-east.

We offer a choice of two tours, one witnessing the spectacle of the sun rise itself, the other participating in the revelry and build-up the night before.

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Stonehenge visitor information

Check out our pages below on Stonehenge ticket information, how to get to Stonehenge, Stonehenge buses and other practical information to really make the most of your day out to the famous monument.

stonehenge outside ticket entrance with shuttle bus

Your practical guide to visiting Stonehenge including Visitor Centre, shuttle bus and facilities.

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stonehenge and visitor

Your options for getting to Stonehenge in Wiltshire from London, including rail travel and shuttle bus.

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stonehenge ticket office

Book tickets for Stonehenge, plus ticket information, prices and opening hours and inner circle.

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stonehenge salisbury tour bus

Do you travel independently from London to Salisbury and get the Stonehenge tour bus or hire a private guide?

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Stonehenge history, mysteries and landscape

The following pages give you some background on Stonehenge, its history, the Neolithic people who built it and the various academic theories as to its purpose. Surrounding Stonehenge are many other earthworks, contemporaneous with Stonehenge, which many visitors will want to visit at the same time, for example Durrington Walls and Woodhenge.

Stonehenge exhibition Neolithic houses

Stonehenge history

What is Stonehenge and who were the people who built it? Your introduction to the best known megalithic monument in the world.

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Stonehnge summer solstice

Stonehenge mysteries

The mysteries of Stonehenge. What was Stonehenge used for and why was it built? Your introductory guide to Stonehenge theories.

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Stonehenge landscape

Stonehenge landscape

Surrounded by Neolithic archaeological remains, Salisbury Plain is a great place to see more beyond Stonehenge.

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