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Victoria Coach Station

Victoria Coach Station
Main Departure Point For Many Day Tours

Overview of Day Tour Hotel Pick Up Services & Tour Joining Points In London

Day tours from London tend to leave relatively early each morning at some time between 7:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.

Day tours can be split between tours that offer a morning hotel pick-up service from hotels in the main hotel districts of Central London and those tours that have a choice of five or six joining points at key transport hubs in Central London.

No tour offers individual hotel drops at the end of the tour, most tours end at Victoria Railway/Underground Station, though there are exceptions.

Days Tours With Hotel Pick-Up Services

Most of the tours that are not small group tours offer a hotel pick-up service from major hotels in the main tourist hotel districts.These hotels are stated on the individual tour detail pages and do differ between individual tours.

It should be noted that the hotel pick-up vehicle is not normally the vehicle that performs the main tour. The hotel that picks you up simply takes you to Victoria Coach Station where you switch to the tour bus that performs the tour itself. The people sharing the hotel pick-up service with you will probably not be on the same tour as yourself.

The first hotel pick-ups are a good hour or so before the departure time of the coach from Victoria.

Days Tours With Strategic Pick-Up Locations

Small group tours and a minority of full size coach tours do not offer a hotel pick-up service. Instead there are a handful of strategic pick-up locations chosen for being near public transport hubs in the main hotel areas used by tourists.

These locations are stated on the individual tour detail pages.

The advantage of this strategy is the tour vehicle can make a faster getaway from London and start to the tour itself.

Victoria Coach & Railway Coach Stations

Victoria Coach Station / Railway Station Map

Victoria is one of the major transport hubs in Central London, both for transport within London and beyond.

If your accommodation in London is not one of the designated pick-up hotels for your tour (or there is not one very close by) its very easy to get to Victoria Coach Station by the London Underground or local bus. Victoria is also a major hotel district where the coach station may be a very short walk way.

The key fact to be aware off is that Victoria Coach Station is about 500 yards from Victoria Underground and Railway Station.

If you know in advance to allow 5 to 10 minutes to walk between the two then it will not become a drama finding your tour coach.

From within Victoria Railway Station, (with the Underground Station beneath it) look up and you will see signs for Victoria Coach Station.

It is a straight forward journey, you simply walk down Buckingham Palace Road that runs down the western side of Victoria Railway Station. You will probably exit the railway station by the entrance to the Grosvenor Hotel situated on Buckingham Palace Road or you ride up some escalators from the station forecourt which will take you to the junction of Ecclestone Bridge and Buckingham Palace Road through a small shopping centre.

Between Eccleston Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge is another coach station called the Green Line Coach Station, there will be lots of scheduled buses and HoHo sightseeing vehicles parked here - just keep going to the lights at Elizabeth Bridge where you will see the main entrance of Victoria Coach Station (picture top of page) on the other side of the road.

Victoria Coach Station is a like s small regional airport - look up at the departure screens for your tour and its coach bay.

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