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Shakespeare's Birthplace Stratford Upon Avon

Shakespeare's Birthplace Museum Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is well over 2 hours by tour bus from London. People who go to Stratford, although a very nice small town in its own right go for its Shakespeare connections.

Shakespeare himself was born and died in Stratford and there are many properties in and around the town that trace aspects of his life, mostly homes where either he or his close relations lived.


There is the church where he is buried, a birthplace museum and a major theatre company that performs his work all year round. You would be doing well to see all of this in one day, so a day tour from London that typically spends no more than 90 minutes in the town can only show you a small part of what the town has to offer.


Most, but not all tours have their visit to Stratford dominated by a visit to Shakespeare's birthplace museum.


Oxford, Stratford and Warwick Castle Tour

Perhaps the most popular tour that visits Stratford is the tour that visits Warwick Castle, Stratford On Avon and Oxford. On your journey between Stratford and Oxford this tour also provides glimpses of the Cotswolds, one of England's most scenic regions.

In Stratford the tour goes to the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English language, and home to the theatres of the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company.


There are some wonderful half-wooden buildings that date back to Shakespeare's time, including the famous cottage of Anne Hathaway, who married the great writer in 1582. You can even see the school Shakespeare attended.


Warwick Castle with its 1,000-year history, is probably the greatest medieval castle in Britain. You will explore the castles ramparts, towers and gardens, as well as the waxwork displays of Madame Tussauds.


Finally at Oxford - the city of dreaming spires - you will see one of the world’s greatest - and oldest - universities, as well as some of the finest architecture in Europe. A guided walking tour of Oxford is included in the price. You might like to take tea in the shop where the real-life Alice (inspiration for Alice in Wonderland) bought her sweets!


Warwick Castle, Stratford  & Oxford  Day Tour From London Ticketing

Stratford & Cotswolds Tour

The home town of legendary playwright William Shakespeare is the first stop on this day trip. Filled with history, pay a visit to the place the famous Bard was born - a quaint, unassuming half-timbered house.


Learn amazing stories and quirks of Elizabethan living from your expert guide.

Next stop is a visit to Shakespeare’s bride Anne Hathaway’s cottage and gardens.


This beautiful little thatched farmhouse is the place where the Bard courted his bride and still to this day holds items or original furniture, including the Hathaway bed.


The tour also visits the Cotswold villages of Bibury, Stow-on-the-Wold and Bourton-on-the-Water three of the most popular villages in the Cotswolds for good reason and passes through many more.


Your tour includes a FREE lunch pack - saving you time looking for a restaurant - and money!

In Depth Tour of Cotswolds & Stratford Day Tour From London Ticketing

Small Group Oxford, Cotswolds and Stratford Tour

Stratford lies on the edge of the Cotswold region, one of England's most scenic and unspoilt landscapes.

This tour will take you to Shakespeare's Birthplace as well as to Holy Trinity church where he was both baptised and buried.


The small group format is especially appropriate for a tour that discovers the Cotswolds as it enables the bus to go down the lanes and backroads that the big tour bus crowds cannot. Couple that with a knowledgeable guide who knows all the hidden gems this is an excellent option.


A visit to Oxford is part of the tour itinerary, complete with guided walking tour amongst the cloisters and quadrangles of Britain's oldest University; and also entry into Divinity School. This is your last stop of the day before returning to London.

Small Group Oxford, the Cotswolds and Stratford on Avon Day Tour From London Ticketing

Stratford, Bath & Stonehenge Tour

The Stonehenge, Bath, & Stratford day tour is a long but rewarding day where you certainly clock up some mileage.


The tour starts by visiting Stonehenge - one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world, where you will see the huge 40 ton Sarsens, the volcanic blue stones, the famous slaughter stone and the surrounding earth barrows of the Beaker people.


It is then onto the World Heritage site, Bath, with its magnificent Georgian crescents, terraces and architecture. You will have time to shop and explore and find somewhere to eat lunch at one of the many eateries.


Finally you will end your day in Stratford Upon Avon, a living museum to Shakespeare. It is here that he was born and was buried. On this tour you have a private champagne reception at the Shakespeare Museum - along with a school lesson!

Stonehenge, Bath & Stratford Day Tour From London Ticketing

Visiting Stonehenge and/or Bath and/or Windsor

Stonehenge Morning Or Afternoon Half Day Tour- £46

Stonehenge & London Day Tour (Apr-Oct only) - £52

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Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (inc Lunch, no adm Roman Baths) - £109

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (no Lunch, inc adm Roman Baths) - £89

Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge & Salisbury - £93

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (Small Group - Max 16 people) - £145

Stonehenge & Bath (Stonehenge admission only) - 3.5 hrs in Bath - £64

Stonehenge & Bath (Stonehenge & Baths adm) - 3.5 hrs in Bath - £75

Stonehenge & Windsor - £84

Stonehenge & Avebury - £64

Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford - £99

Stratford, Cotswolds, Bath & Stonehenge - £105

Visiting Cotswolds and/or Oxford and/or Stratford and/or Warwick

Oxford, Stratford & Warwick Castle - £99

Stratford & Cotswolds (inc Anne Hathaway’s) - £84

In-depth Cotswolds Only Tour + Lunch - £92

In-depth Cotswolds Only Tour + Lunch (Small Group) - £145

Blenheim Palace, Downton Abbey Village & Cotswolds Tour - £82

Stratford, Cotswolds, Bath & Stonehenge - £105

Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford - £99

Downton Abbey & Blenheim Palace (Small Group) - £145

Visiting Canterbury, Leeds Castle & Dover

Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury with river cruise - £99

Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury (Small Group Apr - Oct) - £145

Dover Castle, White Cliffs & Canterbury - £72

Special Theme Tours

Stonehenge Special Access (Walk Among Stones) Tours

Downton Abbey + Highclere Castle Tours

Harry Potter Tours

Small Group Tours (Maximum 16 people)

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath - £145

Stonehenge, Glastonbury & Avebury - £145

Lacock, Bath & Stonehenge - £145

In-depth Cotswolds Only Tour + Lunch (Apr to Oct) - £145

Oxford, Cotswolds & Stratford -£145

Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury (Apr to Oct) - £145

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