London music tours, attractions and history

Music walking tours, guided tours and small group tours

London music tours are a great way to disopver London and its musical history
London is full of incredible music history

There are a host of London music tours that will take you to some of the best sites of music history in London. These musical sites of interest range from some of the most famous like Abbey Road Studios to some of the less well known and quirky slices of music history.

London is very well known for its music and creative arts so there is literally something for everyone looking to experience London through the history of music.

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones are just a few of the iconic musicians who were inspired by London and are forever entwined in its history. You can discover them for yourself or on any of the wide range of guided tours. Further details of other London rock music tours.

Classic rock music and Beatles tour

Popular London music tours

We have selected some of our favourite music tours. These music tours are focussed on legends of the UK music scene, taking you on an amazing journey through the history of music in London, with plenty of photo opportunities.

ziggy stardust plaque london

Music landmarks & attractions

Although guided tours are going to give you the best experience in terms of ease of travel, access and knowledge, you can still visit well know music landmarks on your own and discover your favourite musicians London hide-outs.

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What you need to know

London has so many different areas you can stay, so you'll want to find the right accommodation and location for your budget. As well as location advice we've included details on how to get around London too.

Our most popular London music tours

Here you'll find some of the most popular music tours and attractions that visitors choose when they come to London. London is brimming with music history and discovering famous artists inspiration and favourite haunts is a wonderful way to explore London.

Classic Rock & Beatles (PM)

This afternoon tour takes you to some of London's most famous rock 'n' roll spots as well as hidden gems too.

Book from £62pp

British Music Experience tour

British Music Experience

Over 600 pieces of memorabilia from The Beatles, David Bowie and Adele, with interactive experiences throughout.

Book from £17pp

London Rock Music tour

London Rock Music Tour

Choose from am, pm or full day Rock music tour seeing all of London's famous rock 'n' roll sites.

Book from £62pp

Rock Legends Small Group music tour

London Rock Legends Small Group Tour

On this small group tour with no more than 16 you get personalised attention from your knowledgeable guide.

Book from £62pp

bohemian soho rock music tour london

Bohemian Rock Soho and North London Small Group

Discover bohemian charms of vibrant neighbourhoods with this small group tour.

Book from £62pp

Music Legends private taxi tour london

Music Legends private taxi - Rock Cab Tours

Your industry veteran guide will show you sites linked with Jimi Hendrix, Queen, the Rolling Stones & loads more.

Book from £108pp

London music landmarks and attractions

London is full of places current musicians frequent as well as historical places that have significance in the journey of a major band or artist to worldwide prominence. We have highlighted a few of them below that you can visit on your own.

Tunstall Road David Bowie Shrine

Tunstall Road

There are lots of Bowie sights across London, this mural is one of the most famous.

Jimi Hendrix Museum at Brook Street London

23 Brook Street

Former home of Jimi Hendrix and recently opened as a permanent museum.

Hard Rock Hotel formely Cumberland Hotel london

Hard Rock Hotel

Formely the Cumberland Hotel, a favourite location of Jimi Hendrix.

Berwick Street London grafetti picture, this street is famed for Oasis album cover

Berwick Street

Fans of Oasis will recognise this street from the cover of their most famous album.

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios

Home of Abbey Road Studios and the famous Beatles zebra crossing on the album cover.

Carnaby Street London

Carnaby Street

A fashionable street in London now and in the 60's, steeped in musical history.

Liverpool Street Station london

Liverpool Street Station

Featured in a Mansun video where £25k was scattered during a morning commute.

Victoria and Albert Museum hosts music historical artefacts

V & A Museum

This museum has an enviable collection of famous artefacts from music history.

What you need to know

We'll help make it easy for you to get around in London so you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your destination. We've also got in-depth reviews on all the places you can stay in London so you can effortlessly pick the best location.

London's Public transport

The public transport system will help you easily get wherever you need to go in London.

Use our guide to help you understand and master the public transport in London. We also recommend checking National rail and Transport for London.

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Food & drink

If you are looking to book a table in a popular restaurant in London then we recommend that you book in advance. With such an incredible range of choice, it is though easy to find a great place to eat.

On a walking tour you will easily find places to grab drinks and snacks as you go along.

Where to stay in London

If you are coming to stay in London, it is important you understand which area will suit you best.

London offers a fantastic selection of locations and accommodation types. It is easy to find the right one for your budget and interests.

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