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Various passes giving you big savings on multiple top London attractions lasting 90 days

Merlin's Magical London 5 in 1 Pass


Merlin is the group that owns 32 popular UK attractions, five of them in central London. There are many different third party providers that will sell you combination money saving tickets for three or all five of these Merlin attractions in London.


The top five are: London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Sealife Centre London, London Dungeon, and Shrek's Adventure.


A Merlin 5 attraction pass, will save you heaps of money - working out at around £18 per attraction per person. These are massive savings compared to what you would pay on walk-up prices on the day.


You can also choose a Merlin 3 attraction pass - (London Eye, Madame Tussauds and Sealife), working out at around £20 per attraction.


You have 90 days from the date you exchange your voucher to visit the number of attractions (between three and four) you have purchased just one time each. There is some flexibility on changing your tour time within the 90 days, provided you keep your bar-coded ticket.


This page will look at both Merlin's offering direct for the Merlin London cluster/ combination passes in addition to the various third party sellers, and discuss which might be the best deal for you.

London Attractions 5 in 1 Pass


Another product from Merlin is the Merlin Annual Pass - we have a separate page explaining this product and whether it might be right for you and you family.

London Attractions 3 in 1 Pass


Merlin's Magical London - save up to 47% on walk-up prices!

If you book direct with Merlin you can get a Merlin's Magical London combination ticket allowing you to visit either five attractions for £90 or two for £45.


It also comes with the options of adding on a Big Bus tour - which also comes in its own package with complementary London River Cruise - for discounted prices.


Viator and Merlin combination deals

If you book with a third party seller they will match the deal provided by Merlin, above. The only difference is that there is a requirement on the third party sellers that the first attraction you visit must be Madame Tussauds. (Buying from Merlin direct allows you to visit any attractions to start off with - it doesn't need to be Madame Tussauds.)


For example, Viator offer this same Merlin 5-in-1 90-day pass for £90 per adult (£72 per child).


This works out at just £18 per attraction per person! As an example, Madame Tussauds is currently £29 for a standard adult walk up price - so you will save around £11 on one single entry for one attraction. Multiple this up for multiple family members and attractions, and you can see how the savings add up.


You will also find this same offer on other third party websites such as VisitBritain.

London Attractions 5 in 1 Pass


London Attractions 5 in 1 Pass


3-in-1 attractions tickets - The Big Three in London - London Eye, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE London Aquarium

If you only want to visit 3 Merlin attractions in London then this package could be right for you - saving you over 20% on buying tickets separately!

If you book through Golden Tours (see banner below) you can get three top London attractions for just £60 per person:

  • The London Eye
  • Madame Tussauds
  • SEA Life London.

London Attractions 3 in 1 Pass

London Attractions 3 in 1 Pass

When ordering your 90 day pass you choose the date of your first attraction visit - this can be anything up to 31st December in the same calendar year. This first visit kick starts your 90 day validity period. At checkout you will also be given the opportunity to add on a Big Bus 24 or 48 hour ticket (including River Cruise) with a £10 discount.


Note: there are no refunds or exchanges offered on these heavily discounted tickets, though it is usually possible to change the date of your first attraction, you will need to contact Merlin directly to arrange this.


Online prices are the best prices

Merlin state that you will save £72 off the full admission prices if you were to pay separately for each attraction at the ticket desk (online prices always offer better value).


Madame Tussauds on Merlin Magical Pass

Madame Tussauds


Currently Merlin accept time slots for your first attraction only.


Length of time needed

For all five attractions you will need between thirty minutes (London Eye, excluding queuing time) and two hours.


Note: these are not all day attractions. For example, London Dungeon is one of the longer attractions but at 110 minutes to go around, you are still done in just under two hours, Madame Tussauds in around two hours, but you could spend longer if you wished.


The London Eye River Cruise will take you around 40 minutes while the Big Bus tour offers three different routes, three hours to complete all three without getting off.


First attraction optional

Unlike the third party Merlin combination ticket sellers below, Merlin direct allow you to choose which attraction you visit first (the others all start with Madame Tussauds).


The London Pass/ London Explorer Pass and Merlin combinations

The London Pass does not offer Merlin attractions in its selection. The London Explorer Pass however, does.


London Explorer Pass offers a wide selection of London attractions, where you can choose from either 3,5 or 7 attractions, to be used within one month from first activation. For this reason the pass is really aimed at visitors to London staying for within this kind of time period so you could fit all seven attractions in.


Attractions include both Merlin and non-Merlin top attractions in London... the choice is yours.


For example, a family four pass to visit the maximum number of 7 attractions would cost you £396. Like all passes, the more sights you see, the bigger the savings.


You don't choose the attractions you visit in advance; you simply turn up at the one you want to visit first and show your card at the entrance or ticket office; they scan it through London Explorer Pass card readers and you are then allowed free entry!


London Explorer Pass


What about the Merlin Annual Pass - is this better value for money?

Savings on all these passes are generous; between 20-47%, and worth the money if this suits your purposes.


UK residents might really want to consider the Merlin Annual Pass which on sale prices can cost you not much more than £400 for a family of four, but is a pass lasting a whole calendar year and unlike this combination deal, allows you to re-visit the same attractions again and again.

Merlin Annual Pass - more details

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