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Getting your tickets for Thorpe Park: ride the new coaster Hyperia

thorpe park hyperia ride 2024
Hyperia comes to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is said to be 'The UK's Most Thrilling Theme Park.' It's the one where the big kids go. Aimed at older kids and adults, it has over thirty rides, attractions and live events.

In 2024 the talk is all about Hyperia - the brand new coaster which will be the UK's tallest and fastest. Reaching heights of 236ft and speeds of over 80mph, you'll need to be brave to ride this one.

Thorpe Park offers some really exciting rides, coasters being their speciality. The top three are currently, The Swarm (the UK’s only wing coaster), Nemesis Inferno (a scorching jungle safari & volcano trip) and Stealth (get ready for a 2.3 second 0-80mph launch...).

If you want to get your hands on the cheapest Thorpe Park tickets we take you through all the ticket information you need on this page.

You can visit Thorpe Park with day tickets only, but you can also get some really great deals on overnight stay with 2-day theme park entry, staying at any of Thorpe Park's hotels.

Theme park junkie? Why not consider getting a Merlin Annual Pass, and unlock free entry for an entire year to some of the UK's most loved top attractions including Thorpe Park Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Alton Towers Resort, SEA LIFE and LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort.

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thorpe park


thorpe park

Entrance to Thorpe Park & resort hotel options

• SAVE MONEY: cheaper prices when booked online in advance • Day tickets • Short breaks • Annual passes • VIP experiences & extras

Hyperia - the new ride in 2024 at Thorpe Park - coming 24 May

hyperia at thorpe park
Hyperia: the UK's tallest and faster coaster in 2024

Find Your Fearless

Experience weightlessness like never before.

Hyperia is now officially the the tallest roller coaster in the UK, reaching heights of 236ft and replacing the previous tallest coaster which was The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Hyperia is also the UK's fastest coaster, reaching speeds of over 80mph.

To conquer Hyperia is to conquer fear itself.

Tickets for Hyperia

No additional ticket is needed for Hyperia as it is included in your entrance ticket. Tickets, Annual Passes and Hotel Stays can all be purchased on the Thorpe Park website, using banner above.

Golden tickets until 30 September 2024

Thorpe Park have unveiled a BRAND NEW Limited Edition ‘Golden Ticket’. For just £49, The Golden Ticket entitles guests to two day visits to Thorpe Park, one for dates up to and including the 23rd May 2024 and one for dates between 24th May 2024 and 30th Sept 2024. 

hyperia train carriage at thorpe park
Find Your Fearless on Hyperia

Fastrack Hyperia

Hyperia will feature a Fastrack queue line, however there will be a limit put on Hyperia Fastrack tickets as it is anticipated there will be high demand. All Fastrack tickets need to be booked on the day of your visit (from the Fastrack Kiosk or Hotel Reception) and cannot be booked in advance.   

Shoulder restraints or lap bars?

Hyperia has a state-of-the-art lap bar system which is meant to allow for a more comfortable ride experience, and gives you more of a sense of weightlessness, whilst ensuring you’re safely secure at all times. There is a test seat at the ride entrance for anyone who’d like to try before they fly.

Height restrictions

The minimum height requirement for people to ride is 1.3m.


Thorpe Park have done their best to be as inclusive as possible with regards to access to Hyperia, aiming for it to be their most accessible coaster. There is a Step-Free Access at the main entrance to Hyperia. There is also a lift to the ride platform, which can be found prior to boarding.

hyperia shark cabin decor at thorpe park
Complete your Hyperia stay in a Shark Cabin

Ride Access Pass for Hyperia

Ride Access Passes (guests who may find it difficult or cannot stand for long periods of time either due to a physical disability or a learning/emotional impairment) are valid for use on Hyperia as a one-time use. Pre-booking is essential. You’ll find the Ride Access Pass entry point at the main entrance to Hyperia.  When you collect your timecard it will allow you access to Hyperia once each visit, this can be used at any time across that day.

Ride Access Passes are not the same as Fastrack, and users should expect a queue at the Ride Access Pass entrance upon arrival.

Single rider queue

A single rider queue is available for those who wish to cut down queuing time and are prepared to ride alone away from the rest of their group.

Front row access

You can choose to experience Hyperia from a front row view. You just need to speak to a member of staff in the ride station when you get there.

Baggage storage

Once you enter the Hyperia ride station there is a place to leave your bags. If you are concerned about security, there are secure lockers dotted around the park.

Thorpe Park - what do Thorpe Park tickets include?

thorpe park nemesis inferno
Experience Nemesis Inferno - safari and volcano

What do I get with my Thorpe Park ticket?

You ticket includes:

  • Entrance to the theme park - experience over 30 rides and attractions
  • Island Return Guarantee – get a free return visit if you visit is disrupted by bad weather
  • Access to special events on selected dates

Thorpe Park events

Events run seasonally throughout the year. Thorpe Park Fright Nights in October have become pretty legendary, with the park opening late around the scariest time of year. All The scare zones and entertainment are included in your regular Thorpe Park admission, while access to the scare mazes and scare experience requires a separate paid ticket.

In the past Thorpe Park have also run summer events such as the Summer Carnival, running for the duration of the school holidays.

Oktoberfest - that Lederhosen filled bit of Germanic fun is also regularly celebrated at Thorpe Park (included in regular ticket prices).


Thorpe Park extra experiences

VIP Entry Packages are available. Enjoy front of the line access and your own VIP host. Packages are limited in number and sell out pretty quickly, so you need to book in advance to secure your place. See website for more details.

Staying at Thorpe Park Resort hotels - short breaks

thorpe park shark cabin resort hotel
Shark Cabins:  located just seconds away from the rides

Short overnight breaks are available for those who want to turn their visit into a longer experience.

Options include:

  • Thorpe Park Shark Cabins
  • Themed Rooms
  • Partner hotels (such as Holiday Inn)

All the hotels (including partner hotels) offer options to bundle your Thorpe Park tickets together with your hotel stay, and most include breakfast as well as use of the hotel's facilities.

The Thorpe Park website clearly takes you through your various Short Break hotel options and deals.

What you need to know about Thorpe Park

thorpe park swarm
Swarm is one of the top 3 rides at TP

Can you buy a 2-day ticket?

If you want longer at Thorpe Park you can book an overnight stay + 2 days' park entry. Rates are reasonable with prices starting from just £70 per person for 2024.

Booking two separate day tickets would cost you almost as much as this without the hotel.

How long will I need at Thorpe Park?

You can easily do Thorpe Park in a full day. But you'll want to get there at opening at 10am to fully make sure you get the most out of your day, including queuing time and time for lunch. An overnight stay at the Thorpe Park Resort or partner hotel will make your whole experience more relaxed and leisurely.

thorpe park amity beach
Chill out time on Amity beach

Island Return Guarantee (Rainy Day Free scheme)

Like Chessington and other theme parks, Thorpe Park have a policy that means should your day out be disrupted (i.e. rides closed) for an hour or more by inclement weather (wind, heavy rain, storms, etc), you can return FREE on selected dates. ​See the Thorpe Park website for full details.

What age is Thorpe Park most suitable for?

Of the three Merlin theme parks just outside London (the others being Chessington and LEGOLAND), Thorpe Park is probably the one aimed at the slightly older age range - older children (8 and over) and adults.

That's not to say there isn't enough to entertain smaller children, but Thorpe Park does have a bias towards the bigger, more thrill-seeking rides than the other two. As usual, minimum height requirements apply for for some rides; the cut off point to access many of the rides is 1.2 m. Happily, children under this height can enter the park for FREE.

What age can a child visit Thorpe Park on their own?

No child or children under the age of 12 will be admitted to Thorpe Park unless they are accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over. Children age 12 and over are allowed to visit the park on their own.

thorpe park stealth
Stealth was UK's fastest roller coaster - until Hyperia May 2024

Rides at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park have developed their rides over a number of years and now have over 30. As always, the most popular rides typically have the longest queues.

Scariest ride

Saw - based on the infamous horror movie franchise.

Upside down ride

Zodiac, a gravity defying spinning ride.

Suitable rides for little kids

There are a few actually, despite the park's reputation for 'older kids': King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems, Flying Fish, Mr Monkeys Banana Ride, Angry Birds 4D...

All-time classic

The original and iconic roller coaster, it has to be... The Flying Fish (originally way back in the 80s "Space Station Zero").

What are the queues like at Thorpe Park?

thorpe park Saw
Saw at Thorpe Park

Like any theme park, queues are so variable and depend entirely on season, time of day, day of the week, etc.

Tips for avoiding queues:

  • Ride your favourite ride first. Early morning queues are typically shorter than by lunchtime
  • Start at the left side of the park and work your way to the right side: do Stealth, the Swarm and Nemesis Inferno, etc later in the day.
  • Eat your lunch not at lunchtime! A hard one but if you can eat avoiding the 11.30-2.30 rush for lunch, you'll avoid queues in restaurants if eating there, and take advantage of smaller queues while others might be eating theirs.
  • Decide what your maximum wait time is and try to stick to it. If it's 40 minutes, aim to use those wait time boards to your advantage and come back later when it's a bit quieter.
  • Take advantage of the beginning and ends of the days when it's quieter. This can especially be true at the end of the day as many leave by 5pm and Thorpe Park often has later opening until 7pm. (With the exception of later opening for Fright Nights in October - the park is open until 9pm but it does get busy at these later hours).
  • Use the Thorpe Park App to help plan your day. With it you can get directions to your favourite rides and attractions, up to date queue times, the latest deals on food and drink and much more.
  • Consider purchasing the Thorpe Park Fastrack system if you really want to avoid the worst of the queues.
thorpe park amity beach
Amity beach

Food and drink at Thorpe Park

Vibes Bar & Kitchen is a gastropub serving favourites including hand battered cod and chips, succulent fresh salads and veggie/ vegan options.

Can we take a picnic?

Yes you can. If you want to save a bit of money there are plenty of benches to sit on and picnic areas too.

Water refill points are dotted around the park.

Is Thorpe Park suitable for disabled visitors?

The whole park is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. Thorpe Park have a Accessibility Day Planner: a personalised Accessibility Plan for your visit. They like you to fill in an accessibility form 7 days before your visit.

There is a full accessibility guide for Thorpe Park available online.

Ride Access Pass - accessibility

Thorpe Park offer a Ride Access Pass to guests who may find it difficult or cannot stand for long periods of time either due to a physical disability or a learning/emotional impairment. You must pre book to use the Ride Access Pass system before every visit and it is recommended to book as far in advance as possible to save from disappointment.

Thorpe Park - opening times and location

todal wave at thorpe park
Tidal Wave

Opening times

Thorpe Park is open all year round, 7 days a week from 10am to 5, 6 or 7pm depending on the time of year (see website for details).

Also open until 9pm for Fright Nights for most of October and early November.

Address and location

Staines Road
Thorpe Park is just 20 miles from Central London. If driving, use junctions Junctions 11 or 13 of the M25.

If you drive there is a parking fee on-site except for Premium Merlin Pass holders.

Thorpe Park from London by train

Regular South Western Trains run from Waterloo direct to Staines, which is the recommended railway station for travelling to Thorpe Park Resort. Approximately 5 trains run per hour to and from London Waterloo, with a journey time of between 30 to 50 minutes.

Use the banner below to look up train times.



Woman in a train

Book in advance and save money on your train journey

• UK buses • Eurostar • Virgin trains

About Thorpe Park tickets

thorpe park depth charge
Depth Charge

You are strongly advised to book tickets in advance for Thorpe Park.

When booking you'll choose a date, all tickets are for individuals and shown as priced, while carers and those under 1.2m go free. The website will clearly display by calendar dates, the different prices for different days.

You can add on an unlimited digital photo pass at this stage if you wish.

Beware that some third-party websites can actually offer tickets that are more expensive than the official website, so it is always best to check both if you have found an alternative source.

Tickets are available up to six months ahead.

Adult and child tickets?

There are no longer separate options for adult and child tickets - all tickets now have the same value, so a child over 1.2m is the same as an adult. Children under 1.2m go free.

Thorpe Park Golden Ticket in 2024 - 2 visits for £49 - Must take first first before 23 May

Look out for this great deal in 2024, if you take your first visit on or before 23 May.

The Limited Edition Golden Ticket entitles you to 2 separate visits to Thorpe Park across the 2024 main season for the low price of just £49!

Terms and conditions around dates apply. See website for full details.

Group tickets

Group tickets are available for groups of 10+ as well as Youth Groups. Savings per ticket can be made.

Thorpe Park tickets - how to save money

thorpe park colossus
  • Always buy your tickets online in advance to avoid the costly gate prices.
  • Visit off-peak (outside weekends and school holidays) if you can for cheaper ticket prices.
  • Sign up for the Thorpe Park newsletter to receive regular offers and discounts, for subscribers only.
  • Take advantage of regular promo codes with external companies (see below).
  • Consider purchasing a Merlin Annual Pass for free entry to all the Merlin attractions in the UK for a whole year.
  • Students can save money. Just show your valid student photo ID with valid expiry date, Student Beans iD, UNIDAYS ID or a TOTUM card.

Thorpe Park - who goes free?

thorpe park mr monkey's banana ride
Mr Monkey's Banana Ride
  • Carers go free.
  • People under 1.2 m go free.
  • Merlin Annual Pass-holders go free on the day, after purchasing their pass.

On the day walk-up (on the gate) ticket

Yes, you can buy tickets on the gate, but you will pay more for this; actually a lot more.

Be prepared that this option could cost up to 48% more than purchasing in advance online.

Standard 1-day ticket online in advance

What does 'advance' mean? Well, actually it is possible to book Thorpe Park tickets on the same day; 'in advance' simply means before you turn up at the gate.

Online in advance prices will vary, according to whether you book mid week or at the weekend or school holidays (weekends & holidays are higher in price), but will always be much cheaper than waiting until you get to the gate.

Thorpe Park Fastrack tickets (limited)

You can pay extra to get use the Fastrack lanes and beat the queues (for up to 18 of the 30+ rides) with Thorpe Park's Fastrack. Be be aware that Fastracks are limited availability.

For this you'll need a smartphone, Fastrack waits the queue time for your ride virtually, so you can go off and rides other rides or grab something to eat, rather than queuing.

Various Fastrack offers are available: a 'Thrill Fastrack', (any 5 rides) 'Coasters Fastrack', (for 5 coasters) Hydration Fastrack' (for water rides) and finally, the most expensive option, 'Ultimate Fastrack,' (up to 18 rides).

There is also a 'One Shot Fastrack' option for £10 available for those who just want to skip the line for one ride only.

Promos for Thorpe Park - 2 for 1 & savings

samurai at thrope park
Samurai: forces of up to 5G & spun through 360 degrees

Long-running options for 2 for 1 at Thorpe Park that have now been around for many years include:

Kellogg's long-standing Merlin attractions - adults go free

One adult or child goes free when you buy an online ticket (there are no longer separate adult and child tickets, all tickets are the same price).

Simply buy one of the qualifying cereal boxes with the offer printed on, then use the unique 10 digit code to select your chosen attraction and pre-book at the discounted price. Once you have booked you can then download or print the tickets to take with you on the day.

These offers usually run for a couple of months during the summer, but run our typically before the school holidays.

Also valid at LEGOLAND Windsor, Chessington World of Adventures, Warwick Castle, SEA LIFE, Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds, Shrek's Adventure! London, The London Dungeon (and other UK Dungeons), and the London Eye, amongst others.

2for1 theme parks and attractions with National Rail

See our page Railways 2 for 1 offer for more information about this excellent permanent offer when you travel by train.

Tesco Clubcard offers

You can convert Tesco Clubcard points into vouchers to get money off theme parks such as Thorpe Park. Typically £5 in points will equate to £10-worth of vouchers.

Other vouchers

Other promotional vouchers for Thorpe Park can be found by searching around, both on and off line such as 50% off deals, just check the expiry dates.

Thorpe Park with Merlin Annual Pass

You can get free entry for an entire year to Thorpe Park alongside many other Merlin attractions, including other theme parks, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Chessington World of Adventures and Alton Towers, when you purchase a Merlin Annual Pass.

For full details on getting a pass see our page Merlin Annual Pass - will it save you money?

Thorpe Park - The London Pass

Unfortunately Thorpe Park isn't on offer with The London Pass. (Chessington World of Adventures however, is.)

The London Pass gives you free entry to over 90 top London attractions, including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, London Zoo, Westminster Abbey, St, Paul's, Madame Tussauds, View from the Shard, London Bridge Experience, and Big Bus.

The London Pass - more information.

thorpe park


thorpe park

Entrance to Thorpe Park & resort hotel options

• SAVE MONEY: cheaper prices when booked online in advance • Day tickets • Short breaks • Annual passes • VIP experiences & extras


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