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Stonehenge on private tour from London with Bath
Discover Stonehenge at your own pace

Private, personalised high quality tours from a car tour to a full size touring coach

At the London Toolkit we are very close to a lot of private tour providers from one man bands specialising in a niche subject to the large day tour operators featured elsewhere on this web site aimed at the generalist tourist.

We do not directly provide a custom tour, our role is to listen to your needs, discuss a realistic itinerary and then put you in touch with an appropriate provider for your need.

On this page we outline one of the most popular tour itineraries people request. On the menu below are links to some other very popular private tour ideas.

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Vehicles, driver/guides + scope of private tours

Private car hire with driver to Bath and Stonehenge
Choose your vehicle to Stonehenge or Bath

A range of touring vehicles with capacities ranging from 1 to 60 seats are available. We charge a flat fee per vehicle (not person) for the day.

This includes the vehicle and services of the driver guide or guide. You have the option of just having a driver with no professional guiding provided which will save you some money.

Admissions to attractions are not included in the core fee, but can be arranged.

You can design your own day and just present us with an itinerary specification if you wish.

Just enter your requirement on our our private tour request form.

Example private tour template: Stonehenge & Bath

Bath Pulteney Bridge on private tour with Stonehenge from London
Pulteney Bridge, Bath

This is a great day out combining two of the most popular attractions outside of London perhaps with some of the best of the English Countryside and villages.

As with all our example custom tours, this is just an idea to build upon. The great thing about a custom tour is that you choose when you want to go and how long you spend at each destination.

This particular tour has great scope for flexibility in terms of departure time, especially in the summer months.

The classic schedule for this tour is a departure around 8am, visiting Stonehenge, then a countryside tour through to Bath before returning to London. The timings work very well for this.

It is also possible to work in a very late morning departure, returning to London in the evening.


Stonehenge exhibition area
Stonehenge Neolithic houses

It will be around 105 minutes after leaving London travelling non-stop when we get to Stonehenge.

On the way you will have got to know the driver/guide, who will have given you a thorough briefing on things Neolithic. Equipped with this information you should be able to get maximum enjoyment from your visit to Stonehenge.

Most people take around 90-120 minutes at Stonehenge, its a good place to grab a coffee before boarding the bus.

Important! Since 2014 you need to purchase your tickets to Stonehenge in advance, stipulating a 30 minute time slot you will arrive at.

Stonehenge - find out more

Stonehenge to Bath perhaps via Lacock

Lacock village typical street scene
Lacock village - traditional medieval village

Spectacular countryside journey

After leaving Stonehenge its about an hour's drive direct to Bath or you can perhaps see some of the best English countryside and have lunch at Lacock in a 14th Century pub with good food options.

On the countryside route you'll view thatched cottages, Norman churches, traditional black and white wooden fronted medieval houses line the road.

We venture down single track roads for some of the journey so you really are off the tourist track in the middle of the countryside.

National Trust Village of Lacock

Lacock is an old wool town where all the buildings in the village are more than 200 years old, much of it much older. It is not a museum piece, but a living working village with school, post office, church, tithe barn, bakery and several pubs.

Lacock village is owned by the National Trust, all the occupants including the pubs rent from the National Trust.

The National Trust controls strictly the village environment, apart from vehicles it could be back a few hundred years ago, no street lights, no aerials, only approved 'authentic' colour schemes.

With this olde worlde feel, Jane Austen and some Harry Potter films are just examples of films shot here.

Lunch at 14th century pub - The George Inn

We heartily recommend you take lunch in the George Inn, a 14th century pub, the oldest licensed pub in England.

It is refreshingly free of the tourist trail, many of the customers will be locals. Apart from the excellent home cooked food chalked up on the boards at reasonable prices, the pub itself has much of interest.

Lacock - find out more


Roman Baths, Bath
The main attraction - Roman Baths, Bath

It is only a 30 minute journey from Lacock to Bath, where there is plenty to see and do.

Bath itself is very compact, nearly everything you want to see is within 10 minutes' walk of each other. We will drop you off by the Roman Baths, right in the centre at the official coach drop off point.

Bath's attractions are crudely split between the Roman Baths from 2,000 years ago and the Georgian period in the 18th century where much of what you see now was built.

The Roman Baths normally take around an hour for visitors. An audio guide is part of the admission fee. The Pump Room, part of the Roman Baths complex is 'the' place to take classic English afternoon tea.

Bath - find out more

Typical tour schedules

Lunch in Lacock Tour

08:00 - Leave London hotel

09:45 - 11:30 Stonehenge

12:30 - 14:00 Lacock (with lunch)

14:30 - 15:45 Bath

18:00 - 18:30 Arrive at London hotel

Bath Direct Tour (no Lacock)

08:00 - Leave London hotel

09:45 - 11:30 Stonehenge

12:30 - 15:45 Bath

18:00 - 18:30 Arrive at London hotel


Driver & guiding options

Everybody's requirements are different! - You may just need a professional driver to transport your group to where you want to go or you may need a level of guiding and commentary.

  • Driver only - If you prefer an experienced driver who is familiar with our touring routes but does not offer tour guiding, please select “Driver only” as your tariff.

  • Driver/guide - If you would like an experienced driver who can also guide from the vehicle, please select “Driver/guide” as your tariff.

  • Driver with additional guide - For larger groups a separate guide may be appropriate. Particularly at some of the large cities and towns where parking is a problem in the centre.

  • Touring coaches for large groups - Full size coaches that can accommodate the largest groups in comfort are also available with guides. By their nature these tours are very different from each other so just outline your requirements on the enquiry form at the bottom of the page to start a dialogue.

A day tour is a tour of around 9-10 hours at a time of your choosing. Drivers have very strict legal limits on the time they are allowed to drive each day and there are rules also on the frequency of driver breaks too. These are not normally an issue, but if they are the matter will be raised at the quotation stage.

Prices includes all fees except for food/drink and admissions to attractions which can be quoted for separately.


(Rates do not include attraction admissions or food)

1-3 passengers + 8x luggage
Standard car

Driver only from £699

Driver / guide from £899

Driver & guide from £999

1-6 passengers + 8x luggage
7 seater executive car

Driver only from £799

Driver / guide from £999

Driver & guide from £1099

7-16 passengers + 16x luggage
7 seater executive car

Driver onlyfrom £999

Driver / guide from £1199

Driver & guide from £1299

Up to 53 passengers + 65x luggage
7 seater executive car

Driver only from £1199

Driver & guide from £1499

Full size touring coaches for large groups

Cruise shuttle bus from London
Full size coach for cruise transfer from London

If you have a large group then that is not a problem either.

The largest coaches are 50-72 seat coaches but we also have access to vehicles half that size.

With large groups on cruise tour transfers the capacity issue is not normally passenger numbers but luggage.

UK coaches are built to European traveller requirements, where one large case is perfectly adequate. A typical 50 seat coach will be able to accommodate around 60 large cases in the luggage hold.

For a group travelling with North American flight allowances a 50 seat coach will typically only be able to accommodate the luggage of 35 such passengers maximum.

With large groups just as small groups multi- drop and pick-ups from hotels is routine and if required we can arrange a guide.

Tour planning & formal quotations

Some people have a tight specification of exactly what they want, others just have a broad idea of what they like and want to see and let us plan something that meets that need. We are comfortable with either type of request.

Tours are customised for each individual group. Go where you want to go at a pace you decide. Use the form below to outline your requirements and start a dialogue.

Every effort is made to keep all our information correct and the advertised prices up to date. We endeavour to be as accurate a source of information as possible but Travellers Toolkits cannot be held responsible for any price differential between our stated prices and those of the companies supplying the product or accuracy of information provided on our sites.