Private Stonehenge tours and guides from London, Salisbury or Southampton

Quality Stonehenge guiding with or without transport provided

Stonehenge on private tour
Stonehenge on private tour

You will not find guides at Stonehenge available for hire. If you want a guide at Stonehenge you need to book a guide before travelling to Stonehenge.

On this page we outline the most popular guided services involving Stonehenge requested by visitors to inspire you.

But every private tour to Stonehenge is unique and is tailored to your individual needs.

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What services do our Stonehenge guides offer?

Stonehenge on private tour from Southampton cruise port
Stonehenge expert - explains mysteries of the stones

Our Stonehenge guides are Stonehenge experts and can address all needs with a Stonehenge theme, from individuals to large groups, those with or without their own transport, those that are just curious, to those with a keen long established interest in Stonehenge.

Our Stonehenge guides deliver a Stonehenge experience that goes well beyond what public tours can offer.

A typical visit to Stonehenge is 90-120 minutes restricted to viewing the monument and visitor centre.

To set your experience in context and get a more informed insight into Stonehenge then you should also see other features of the Stonehenge landscape to enhance your understanding. Especially Durrington Walls/Woodhenge where the most recent archaeological discoveries were made.



 stonehenge &  bath

Stonehenge & Bath private tour and driver/guide

• 10-hr tour • Entry to Stonehenge & Roman Baths • Travel in luxury vehicle • Pick-up and drop-off from your chosen location • Driver/guide or separate guide

Windsor Castle


windsor, stonehenge &  bath

Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath private tour and driver/guide

• Freedom to explore your way • Visit Stonehenge as it opens, before the crowds arrive • Visit UNESCO-listed Bath • Stroll along the cobbled streets of Windsor to the banks of the River Thames, option to visit Windsor Castle • Driver/guide or separate guide • Pick-up and drop-off from your chosen location



windsor, stonehenge &  oxford

Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford private tour and driver/guide

• 11-hr tour • Entry to Windsor Castle & Stonehenge • Walking tour of Oxford • Pick-up and drop-off from your chosen location • Driver/guide or separate guide


The most requested categories for Stonehenge private guiding are:

Stonehenge landscape
Stonehenge landscape

An expert personal guide

Your guide will accompany you or your group on their visit to Stonehenge, joining you at Stonehenge or Salisbury. Whether you are a couple in your hire car or a large group in a touring coach.

In-depth half day personalised Stonehenge tour

A half day private tour will cover the Stonehenge landscape well beyond Stonehenge itself including Woodhenge, Durrington Walls, Stonehenge Cursus and Avenue as well as countless burial mounds.

Full day tours

The most popular for those with a keen interest, is combining Stonehenge with Avebury, a larger henge about 20 miles north of Stonehenge where you can walk among the stones at all times and walk inside a burial mound!

Shore excursions from Southampton cruise ships

Southampton and its cruise ships are only 50 minutes drive from Stonehenge, which is by far the most popular choice for a shore excursion.

Special Access

Accompanying those with Stonehenge special access tickets where guides are not available with our Stonehenge private Special Access tours

Cost - your steer on pricing of a Stonehenge private tours

Private car hire with driver to Stonehenge
Choose your vehicle to Stonehenge

Unless you are a large group visiting Stonehenge, of course you will pay a price premium for an experience tailored to your individual needs.

However, couples and families are often surprised how affordable a private guided Stonehenge experience can be.

  • For groups of twenty or more a charter bus and guide is a no brainer. It is probably going to be cheaper than a public tour and the coach will collect you and return your group to your hotel. Public tours from London are no longer able to offer this service.

  • For couples and families you can keep costs down by using the regular trains from London to Salisbury with the guide only joining you at Salisbury.

  • From Salisbury or Stonehenge an indicative cost of a guide only for up to 4 hours is £150.

  • From Salisbury an indicative cost of a guide plus car (Mercedes E class or Viano) only for up to 4 hours is £270 or £540 for a full day.

  • From London you will need a full day, an indicative cost of a guide plus car (Mercedes E class or Viano) would be around £700 for a full day. If a friendly driver is all you need then around £500 for a full day.

  • With larger groups price per passenger comes down enormously, a 50 seat coach with driver and guide may be a little over £1,000.

  • Note: all of the prices above do not include admission fees or food.

Salisbury - the practical starting point for private Stonehenge for couples and families

Stonehenge is best part of two hours drive from Central London.

Salisbury is about 10 miles from Stonehenge and trains from London Waterloo Station run every 30 to 60 minutes all day to and from Salisbury taking 80-90 minutes.

Salisbury has direct trains on to Bath and Southampton and easy one stop connections to Winchester and Oxford.

Salisbury itself is very worthwhile exploring with its famous Cathedral and medieval centre.

So, unless you are a large group there is a strong case economically and with regards flexibility to start your private tour at Salisbury.

Salisbury train timetables and fares - full details

Salisbury train network
Salisbury train network

Shore excursions from Southampton cruise ships

Stonehenge is about 50 minutes drive from Southampton cruise ships, Salisbury about 30 minutes on the way.

Most people ask us to provide a car to and from the cruise ship, but there is also a frequent train service between Southampton and Salisbury. If you want you can travel by train, one or both ways between Salisbury and Southampton and just use the private tour as one part of your day.

Reference Tour 1 - Half day Stonehenge complete tour from Salisbury

Approaching Stonehenge as very few others do using the original procession avenue
The ancient procession avenue

This tour goes far beyond the standard visit to Stonehenge the average tourist experience.

You follow in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors with a fully guided walk across the Stonehenge landscapes. By the time you reach Stonehenge you will have a thorough insight in the activities of the Neolithic people who built Stonehenge and be able to make an informed visit to Stonehenge itself.

Your tour stops off at Woodhenge and Durrington Walls where the builders of Stonehenge are believed to have lived, plus visits the ancient burial mounds around Stonehenge.

You'll see the impressive Cursus and take a walk along the Avenue the same approach to enter Stonehenge that the Neolithic people used all those years ago.

It is a 15 minute drive from Salisbury to Salisbury Plain where Stonehenge is located.

The tour can be adapted to your level of interest and fitness, this tour involves a guided walk across open grassland. You will need to bring suitable warm, waterproof clothing and shoes as it can get quite chilly at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge private tour - enquiry form and proposal request

Reference Tour 2 - Full day Stonehenge & Avebury tour from Salisbury

Avebury Henge
Avebury Henge

Not as well known as Stonehenge, Avebury Henge is actually much larger than Stonehenge.

Avebury is also totally open access so you can walk among and touch the stones at all times, unlike Stonehenge.

Some aspects of Avebury are better than Stonehenge, the procession avenue up to Avebury henge is more apparent lined with stones, the ditches are far more impressive and at one burial mound you can walk inside.

In short a great place to visit prior to Stonehenge to see clearly aspects of henge’s and neolithic life that you can only imagine at Stonehenge.

If you are into paganism, energies etc. then you will find the Avebury henge shop a treasure trove compared to the very commercial gift shop at Stonehenge.

An optional lunch stop at medieval Lacock in a 13th century pub between Avebury and Stonehenge would make this a memorable day.

Stonehenge private tour - enquiry form and proposal request

Plan your own full day Stonehenge centred private day tour

Within an hour or so of Stonehenge are some very popular and contrasting visitor experiences, the image below identifies some of the most popular with travel distances between them.

Stonehenge private tour - enquiry form and proposal request

Tour planning & formal quotations

Some people have a tight specification of exactly what they want, others just have a broad idea of what they like and want to see and let us plan something that meets that need. We are comfortable with either type of request.

Tours are customised for each individual group. Go where you want to go at a pace you decide. Use the form below to outline your requirements and start a dialogue.

Every effort is made to keep all our information correct and the advertised prices up to date. We endeavour to be as accurate a source of information as possible but Travellers Toolkits cannot be held responsible for any price differential between our stated prices and those of the companies supplying the product or accuracy of information provided on our sites.