Lacock village

Charming working medieval village much used as a film location

Lacock Village Typical Street Scene

Traditional bakers: Lacock village

The village of Lacock dates back to the 13th Century when Lacock was a classic wool village. The outward appearance of the village is of this time, but Lacock is a normal living village complete with functioning school, public houses, church, bakery and post office.


National Trust - Lacock Village

The owners, the National Trust rent out the houses, pubs etc. to private tenants. The exterior is kept as it was several hundred years ago. No aerials on the houses, street lights etc.

Filming TV and films at Lacock

As such the village is very popular with film makers and TV who require a medieval backdrop. The most famous films to use Lacock in recent times has been the Harry Potter films, others include Pride and Prejudice, Moll Flanders and Emma.


What is there to see at Lacock?

Lacock Abbey

The village is laid out in a simple square grid with Lacock Abbey adjoining it on its eastern side.

Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn is open most days for you to wander into and admire the timber roof supporting the heavy slates. In medieval times this is where the village brought their rent in kind, one tenth of their output. (Tithe being old English for ten.)


On the other side of the village entrance to the Tithe barn is the exit to the landlord, Lacock Abbey.


Adjoining the Tithe Barn is the village jail, just big enough for one person to sleep off a hard night's drinking. Again this is open most days during the day time.

Pubs and tea-houses

The village has its fair share of pubs and there is a tea house in the old stables. The village bakery does a good trade in pies, cakes and such like.


St Cyriac's Church

St Cyriac's Church is the village church dating back to the 15th Century, built on the site of another Norman Church. Unless there is a wedding, choir practice etc. going on, the church welcomes visitors to browse around the church.

Lacock George Inn

Lacock George Inn

The graveyard is extensive and many people pass time trying to read the inscriptions on the grave stones. The church was much restored in Victorian times.


The George Inn at Lacock

For such a small village you have a wide choice of outlets for refreshment. The George Inn should have something for everyone. There is a wide range of offerings from snacks to full meals. Food is home cooked and of a high standard and there is always an extensive list on the blackboards.

The George Inn itself is very historic, one of the oldest licensed pubs in England. During the winter the medieval fireplace roars with a log fire. You can see a dog wheel which a specially bred dog used to revolve fanning the flames. In the courtyard are stocks and a well and a very large beer garden.


There is a notice board inside the pub tracing the films that have been shot in Lacock and a corner devoted to the Fox Talbots, once owners of Lacock Abbey and photography pioneers.


Famous names at Lacock

Lacock is the nearest village to the family of the Parker Bowles family. Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles had her daughter married in the church.


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