Experience Stonehenge Special Access Privately

Your road map to experiencing walking among the Stones at Stonehenge without going on a tour

Special Access Stonehenge

In an ideal world, everyone visiting Stonehenge would like to walk among the stones at Stonehenge. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and if you visit Stonehenge during public opening hours the monument is roped off.


The good news is that English Heritage, who run Stonehenge, allow you beyond these ropes at special sessions outside normal public opening hours. These sessions are called Special Access or Inner Circle tours.

Your options for going Special Access to Stonehenge include organising an independent trip by filling in a form on English Heritage's website, or going on a choice of Special Access tours - see link below.

Stonehenge Special Access tours


The third option, if you do not wish to go on one of these tours, and the travel logistics of independently organising prove too troublesome, is to go on your own private Special Access visit with your own personal experienced driver and optionally a guide or driver/guide.


Stonehenge Special Access private visits

We have a close relationship with Stonehenge ticketing and have access to some of the best Stonehenge guides available, plus access to a range of transport from cars up to touring coaches.

Provided you give us at least two months' notice (especially in the summer months), we can usually organise a bespoke Special Access visit to Stonehenge, for your party.


We routinely put custom packages together for varying sizes of groups from families to large groups, though do remember Special Access only has 30 tickets available for each session.


Special access at Stonehenge private visits<

Stonehenge: special access with highly informed guide

Stonehenge is quite isolated, just under 2 hours' drive from London for example. Most visits we organise will combine a Special Access visit with somewhere else. Below is a graphic depicting the most popular destinations people twin with Stonehenge.


A popular day tour is Stonehenge Special Access and Bath. However, if you just require a there and back itinerary, that is fine too.


If you prefer transport only to Stonehenge (to save difficulties with public transport outside normal opening hours) this can be arranged. Alternatively the next step up is to pay a little more for a guide.


Small groups or families can book Stonehenge Private Access tours and make their Special Access visit the highlight of a full day, including such places as the Cotswolds, Oxford, Windsor or Salisbury.


The first step to us making a proposal for such a trip is to make an enquiry on the form at the bottom of the page.


Note, we do not provide tickets only; for this please contact English Heritage direct.

Stonehenge website


Typical Stonehenge small group private Special Access itineraries

  • Stonehenge from London hotel direct there and back with or without guide, early morning for sunrise, mid afternoon for sunset

  • Sunrise Special Access full day group/ family tour in an MPV leaving London early morning with pub lunch, including Salisbury/Bath/Lacock/Cotswolds/Oxford/Windsor

  • Sunset Special Access full day group/ family tour leaving London early morning, with pub lunch, including Salisbury/Bath/Lacock/Cotswolds/Oxford/Windsor

  • Mini-bus tour transfer for say 15 people leaving London hotel and finishing Heathrow Airport terminal/hotel


Map Of Tour Options From London

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