Stonehenge Special Access tours from Bath and Salisbury 2019

Two Special Access tours from May to September

Special Access Tour at Stonehenge from Bath and Salisbury

Stonehenge inner circle: see Stonehenge the way few do with this tour from Bath

Stonehenge Inner Circle Experience Tour from Bath & Salisbury 2019

Experience Stonehenge inside the inner circle - with this tour programme leaving from Bath and Salisbury between May and September.


This is simply the most in-depth Stonehenge Special Access tour you can buy.

Stonehenge Special Access From Bath

Unlike other tours that solely perform the Stonehenge inner access then travel elsewhere, the Stonehenge Explorer tour on this page includes a comprehensive walking tour of the Stonehenge landscape..

The Stonehenge landscape walk leads up to the climax of the day, the actual visit inside the stones at Stonehenge.

Note, on a few dates the full walking tour is not performed just a few photo stops (see below).

Get up close to the stones like few visitors do

Stonehenge is a "must see" for any visitor. This Stonehenge Special Access tour offers something different, giving you privileged access, behind the ropes within the Stone Circle itself, walking among the stones.

These special access sessions at Stonehenge only happen outside Stonehenge normal public opening hours, at dawn (and in the evening too between March and September).

The privileged special access at Stonehenge is for the select few! Only 30 people are allowed on Stonehenge for each special access session.


Tickets are eagerly sought after, often sold out weeks if not months ahead and need to be arranged well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Tour 1 - The Stonehenge Adventurer - £130

9.5 hour tour from Bath (Leaving at 11:30, 12:30 or 13:45)
5.5 hour tour from Salisbury (Leaving at 15:00, 16:00, 16:15 or 17:15)
Maximum 30 people

Walking the Avenue Special Access Stonehenge from Bath tour

Special Access Stonehenge: discover the landscape

2019 Dates:

May 2,4,9,16,18,23,30
June 1,6,8,13
July 4,6,11,13,18,20,25
August 1,8,15,22
September 5,12

Note: This tour involves a guided walk across open grassland. You will need to bring suitable warm, waterproof clothing and shoes as it can get quite chilly at Stonehenge.

The tour bus starts and ends in Bath travelling to Salisbury about an hour's drive from Bath.


For those boarding the tour at Bath you have around 2 hours free time to explore Salisbury. Time to explore the magnificent cathedral and medieval streets before heading on to Stonehenge.

It is a 15 minute drive from Salisbury to Salisbury Plain where Stonehenge is located.


Now follow in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors with a fully guided walk across the Stonehenge landscapes. By the time you reach Stonehenge you will have a thorough insight in the activities of the Neolithic people who built Stonehenge and be able to make an informed visit to Stonehenge itself.

Your tour stops off at Woodhenge and Durrington Walls where the builders of Stonehenge are believed to have lived, plus visits the ancient burial mounds around Stonehenge.


You'll see the impressive Cursus and take a walk along the Avenue the same approach to enter Stonehenge that the Neolithic people used all those years ago.

The culmination of the tour is your inner access visit to Stonehenge, up close for 60 minutes when it’s closed to the general public.

Immediately prior you will be able to visit the Stonehenge visitor centre, gift shop and world-class exhibition and cafe.

Stonehenge Special Access From Bath

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Tour 2 - Stonehenge Sunset - Inner Circle, Salisbury & Cotswold villages - £130

9.5 hour tour from Bath (Leaving at 13:00, or 13:30)
2.5 hour tour from Salisbury (Leaving at 19:00 or 19:40)
Maximum 30 people

2019 Dates:

April 21,22
May 27
June 10
July 9,15,22
August 5,26
September 9

Like tour 1, the Stonehenge Explorer, the tour bus starts and ends in Bath but also picking up passengers in Salisbury.

The main difference in the tour is that there is no in-depth walking tour of the Stonehenge landscape prior to your Stonehenge Special Access visit.


Instead the tour makes a couple of photo-stops at Woodhenge and Durrington Walls where the builders of Stonehenge are believed to have lived.

Prior to arriving in Salisbury the tour makes a visit to the picturesque south Cotswold region with two 45 minutes stops at Castle Combe and Lacock, two very different Cotswold villages both used extensively as a film and TV shooting location including Harry Potter films and War Horse.

At Salisbury a brief orientation walk is given followed by free time for dinner at the wide choice of restaurants and pubs available.

For those joining the tour in Salisbury, the tour consists of the Stonehenge special access portion of the tour from Bath.

The grand finale of the tour is your Stonehenge Special Access visit where your guide will accompany you, offering insight into this remarkable place. You enjoy 60 minutes inner circle special access.

Stonehenge Special Access From Bath

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Getting to Bath and Salisbury from London

Connections from London to Bath are simple. You just take the train from London's Paddington Station; trains leave broadly every 30 minutes and you will arrive in Bath just 90 minutes later!


Trains to Salisbury leave from London's Waterloo Station at similar frequencies and journey times to Bath.


Some tours may get back to Salisbury or Bath after or very close to the departure time of the last train back to London - so check!

For cheaper fares mid-week, you will need to leave after around 9.30am to avoid the morning commuter rush.

The Trainline - timetables and ticketing for UK railways


Stonehenge Special Access Dates 2019/20

Morning Tours

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May 19




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Aug 19




Sep 19




Dec 19



6, 13

Jan 20




Feb 20




Mar 20




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Evening Tours

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May 19




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Evening Tours

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May 19



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Mar 20


* Cheaper tour without full Stonehenge landscape walk

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