Free walking tour of Georgian Bath

Conducted by The Mayor of Bath's Honorary Guides

Free Walking Tour of Georgian Bath Group

Free Walking Tour Bath: just turn up!

Although the Roman Baths at Bath are probably the single most popular attraction in Bath, it is 'Georgian Bath', the city's elegant buildings and environment which is perhaps most fondly remembered by many visitors.


Volunteer guides approved by the Mayor of Bath are proud to show you their city on a 2 hour plus walking tour of the centre of the city. 'Free' and 'volunteer' these tours are, but the walking tours are very high quality, at least the equal of any commercial tour.

If you want the best out of your visit to Bath, investing the morning taking this tour is recommended. It will give you the basis for picking out places that personally interest you in the afternoon and there is plenty of time to visit the Roman Baths or go shopping afterwards.


The Bath free walking tour

The tour starts in front of the entrance to the Roman Baths in the very centre of the city.


Just turn up, there is no need to book in advance. At peak times, multiple volunteer guides will divide the group assembled into a manageable size. One of the great features of these tours is that the guides are very approachable.

The tour is at a leisurely pace, but you will be on your feet for perhaps 2.5 hours.


No booking is necessary for individuals. This service operates from Sunday - Friday at 10.30am & 2pm and Sat at 10.30am every day of the year (including Public Holidays except Christmas Day), and in all weathers. Children welcome if accompanied by an adult.


The tour ends at its starting place by the Roman Baths, you will be much the wiser about Bath by this time than when you started.


What will I learn about Bath?

Bath was at its height during the 18th Century, when England had a succession of kings called George, hence the Georgian period.

Society was very structured with a rich affluent upper class. Many of the rich people were widely dispersed across England, many of them landowners in their country estates.


Bath Free Walking Tour Start Point

Start Point: Bath free walking tour
by Roman Baths entrance

This was a time before the motor car, telecommunications and the golf club. It was a time where it was most important to 'marry well'.


To enable this upper class society to network, do a little business, find an appropriate husband for your daughter etc., 'seasons' were introduced.

During a season, anybody who was anybody would decamp to the season's venue to meet their peers. Bath was arguably the premier season of them all.

The volunteer guides will tell you the story of why Bath, and not somewhere else. The story of the main characters that came together to start this phenomenon, show you the unique architecture of Bath and how people lived and behaved of all classes.

You will see all the main places of interest in Bath on the tour and by the end will have been both entertained and have the knowledge to maximise your enjoyment of Bath for the rest of your visit - and all for free!


Bath hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus

Bath is a very walkable city, everything is packed into a very compact area.

You do not really need a hop-on, hop-off bus from a logistical sense, although there is a tour option that offers a Bath skyline tour outside the city of Bath.

However, what you do get is a good orientation of Bath perched high up on the double deck bus. Especially if you are visiting independently the commentary can set the scene nicely for your stay.

Bath Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus

Bath hop-on, hop-off bus routes, frequencies etc

There are two routes covered by the same ticket. The core route covers the city of Bath itself and takes you to the Roman Baths, the Pump Room, the Abbey where England's first King was crowned and the Assembly Rooms amongst others. In fact all the main attractions in the city.


The second 'Skyline Tour' takes you from Bath Railway Station round Claverton Down past the University of Bath and Prior Park Landscape Garden.

The tours use modern double decker buses like those photographed here. There is a live guide conducting the tour in English with headsets available with prerecorded commentary in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin and Polish.

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