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How to look for discounted tickets and guide to passes

Legoland Windsor

Legoland tickets

Discounted advance purchase day tickets direct from Legoland

You can buy one and two day tickets direct from Legoland at prices well below that if you pay on the day at the gate. Book more than 7 days in advance and you can save even more. You also skip the entrance queues too as a result.


Legoland 2 for 1 entry deals/ kids go free deals

Look out for third party vouchers on food packaging, and in publications as these are great ways of saving money on the entrance price to Legoland, saving even more than the advance purchase tickets.

The offers are not valid for the Legoland Windsor Hotel. See the Legoland website for terms and conditions.


If you have a discount code there is a drop down box for you to enter it in and receive your discount on the Legoland website.


Legoland premium/ annual passes

If you are going to visit Legoland Windsor more than two days in a year then Annual Passes are available, and again are discounted on-line. With an annual pass you could save potentially hundreds of pounds, depending how often you were likely to go. You also receive free parking as well as discounts in the Legoland restaurants, shops and even on the resort holidays. You receive a generous discount on entry to other Legolands, worldwide.


Legoland Tickets


Merlin Passes

There are two grades of Merlin Pass you can purchase, Standard and Premium, allowing you 12 months' free entry into over thirty attractions UK wide, including Legoland. Merlin Passes also give you discounts at attraction restaurants, shops and hotels, as well as discounted rates for friends and family. There is also a discount on Q-bot rentals - the system that allows you to reserve or reduce your waiting time for rides. You can now pay for your Merlin Pass monthly rather than as a one-off annual payment. This is an online exclusive offer but allows you to spread the cost of an annual pass which should prove attractive.


VIP packages

There are two Legoland VIP packages, Gold and Platinum, which allow you exclusive access throughout the hotel, as well as instant ride access, a reserved dining area and more. The packages are mainly aimed at families hiring Legoland for events such as birthday parties . The VIP packages include instant ride access. There are also seasonal VIP packages, for example at Christmas, there is a VIP Legoland Christmas party.


Seasonal ticket prices at Legoland Windsor

Every year in December Legoland Windsor open at weekends at in the week leading up to Christmas. The park is open with a reduced number of rides, and this is reflected in the price. If you book early - before the end of November - you can receive a further discount.


The park features Christmas trees and other seasonal decorations and there are crafts and other events for the children to take part in. They also offer the opportunity to meet Father Christmas in his grotto and receive a LEGO gift.

Number of People

1 To 3 People

4 To 8 People

9 To 16 People

Max Number Cases





E Class Mercedes

Mercedes Van

Small Bus

Airport Components
Meet & Greet In Airport




Windsor Components

Luggage Storage Per Vehicle




Heathrow - Windsor (15 mins)




London Hotel - Windsor




London Hotel - Heathrow




Gatwick - Windsor (60 mins)




Stonehenge Components (assumes up to 2 hour visit to Stonehenge with waiting time)

Heathrow - Stonehenge (75 mins)




Gatwick - Stonehenge (105 mins)




Windsor - Stonehenge (75 mins)




Prices above are for vehicle, driver and include taxes. They do not include any admission charges at attractions.

For guiding please ask for a quote.

Stonehenge prices include 2 hours at Stonehenge. At Windsor you have unlimited time for the same fee.

Meet Flight at Heathrow, visit Windsor, no luggage, return to Heathrow Terminal

Meet & Greet Heathrow - £10

Heathrow to Windsor - £30

Windsor to Heathrow - £30

Total Cost - £70

Pickup London Hotel, visit Windsor, luggage storage, return to Heathrow Terminal

London to Windsor - £65

Luggage Storage Windsor - £20

Windsor to Heathrow - £30

Total Cost - £115

Meet Flight Gatwick, visit Windsor, luggage storage, return to Heathrow Hotel

Meet & Greet Gatwick - £10

Gatwick to Windsor - £90

Luggage Storage Windsor - £20

Windsor to Heathrow - £30

Total Cost - £150

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