Windsor Great Park

Popular attractions at Windsor Great Park including The Savill Garden and Virginia Water

Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park

From back at the top of town behind Windsor Castle is Windsor Great Park. This is the remnants of the private hunting grounds that used to stretch for miles and miles back in medieval times. It is still a substantial piece of real estate owned by the Crown Estate, containing several farms, forestry land, polo fields and much else besides. Much of it is open to the public.

To get to Windsor Great Park go down the High Street past the Guildhall until the main road bends right. At this point turn left into Park Street and follow it to the very end where you enter Windsor Great Park. There is a good pub at the very end of Park Street by the park gates.


The Long Walk and Deer Park

As you enter Windsor Great Park you get a different view of Windsor Castle on your left. Turning right there is a spectacular sight. The Long Walk is a tree-lined avenue, stretching as far as the eye can see going dead straight. If you wish you can follow this as far as you like, although it officially finishes at the impressive Copper Horse statue, of George III on horseback.


It is here that you will be able to see the famous Red Deer; the reason for the park's creation in medieval times, for hunting.


Today there are around 500 of them, that roam freely in this Deer Park enclosure.


The Royal Lodge and Royal Chapel of All Saints

Just south east of the Copper Horse Statue is the Royal Royal Lodge - home of the Queen Mother until her death in 2002. The Queen Mother died at the lodge, with her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II at her side.

It is a large and elaborate cottage with thatched roofs, verandas, and a conservatory.


Just one hundred yards from the Lodge is the Royal Chapel of All Saints, a small church regularly used by Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.


Windsor Great Park Red Deer

Windsor Great Park Red Deer

Windsor Great Park Copper Horse

Windsor Great Park Copper Horse

Windsor Great Park Savill Garden

Windsor Great Park Savill Garden

Windsor Great Park Virginia Water

Windsor Great Park Virginia Water

Guards Polo Club

Just north of Virginia Water is the Guards Polo Club at Smiths Lawn, where polo matches take place during the summer several times a day during the season, from April to September, Tuesdays through to Sundays.


Although membership is an option, visitors can visit as non members. If you arrive by car you will need to pay a £20 vehicle pass, which can be bought on arrival.


At select events refreshments are available to the public, otherwise many people take their own picnics.


There are various events throughout the season including the Queen's Cup and Royal Windsor. The games are exciting and fast, and attract a crowd - especially if a royal is playing.


The Savill Garden

North of Virginia Water Lake, but still in the Great Park is The Savill Garden, one of Britain's greatest ornamental gardens. Built in the 1930s it is an everchanging seasonal display of interlocking spaces.


A range of seasonal events on offer in the past have included open air theatre performances, summer games, sculpture exhibitions and much more.


As well as the spectacular gardens themselves, there is also a large shop stocking a range of seasonal gifts as well as an outdoor plant area.


The Savill Garden Restaurant offers homemade cakes and biscuits as well as a range of light lunch meals and even a traditional roast on Sundays.


There is an admission fee to enter for most of the year, from December - February it is free.


Virginia Water Lake

From Windsor town centre it is about 90 minutes' walk to Virginia Water, once a Royal pleasure ground, now free to the public to wander round and enjoy the tranquil scenery. With woodland trails based around a central lake, there is also a cascade, and 100 foot totem pole, popular with children and adults alike.


A Pavilion serves hot dogs and burger as well as freshly made cakes, biscuits and hot and cold drinks.


The lake has been used for lakeside scenes in the Harry Potter and Robin Hood films. It is free to enter (parking charges apply). Virginia Water has its own railway station (15 minutes' walk further on) with trains back to London.


You could spend all day in Windsor Great Park, it is that huge, including several of the Queen's farms. It takes well over an hour at a brisk walk to walk directly across it but there are so many places of interest you will want to allow yourself plenty of time to see it properly.


Windsor Castle Viewed From The Long Walk In Windsor Great Park

Windsor Castle Viewed From The Long Walk In Windsor Great Park

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