Visiting Eton and the College

Visiting Eton College, small group tours and around Eton Town

Eton College
Eton College

Eton College is one of England's most eminent public schools and is famous world-wide. Those who have attended Eton reads like a who's who list of the UK with royalty, prime ministers and many other leaders.

In recent years these have included people as diverse as princes William and Harry, David Cameron, Ian Fleming, Bear Grylls and George Orwell.

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Eton College is at the top end of Eton High Street, on the other side of the river from Windsor. Just a fifteen minute stroll from Windsor Castle and a great way to complement your visit to Windsor.

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Eton College

Today Eton College is a secondary school (a high school in the American sense) for approximately 1,290 boys between the ages of 13 and 18, all of whom are boarders. Eton College was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI.

All boys have a uniform of black tailcoat (or morning coat) and waistcoat, false-collar and pin striped trousers. All students wear a white tie. This uniform is not for special occasions, it is worn at all times and if you visit during term time, you will see the boys walking around.

When a boy comes to Eton he will join a house of just over 50 boys. His house will be the hub of his life at Eton for the next five years. Each house is under the care of a house master, who will look after him, support him and, if necessary, make sure he toes-the-line. He will be the main point of contact with the school for a boy's parents.

Eton College - tours for the public

Small group public tours focus on the historic heart of Eton College, featuring many of the Foundation buildings and objects from the College Collections. These only operate between May and early September on Friday afternoons.

For full details of the public tours, including prices and operating dates please use the Eton link at the very top of this page.

Eton Town

Eton High Street With Windsor Castle in Background
Eton High Street With Windsor Castle in Background
Traditional Tailors Serving Eton College
Traditional Tailors Serving Eton College

You walk across to Eton over Eton Bridge, a pedestrian bridge that used to be the main way into Windsor in the days when horse was the main overland transport.

The first part of the High Street is a mix of cheaper tea rooms, pubs and lots of antique, painting and book shops. The shops here seem to come and go quite quickly. You can also see Eton rowing club fronting the river.

You soon come to the Cockpit Inn on your right, once thought to be where cock fighting was performed, but in fact a rear slaughterhouse. This is a typical example of 15th-century timber framed architecture, dating from 1420.

On your left is the Christopher Hotel, an historic hotel originally dating from 1511. You can still see the wide entrance where the original horse carriages entered.

A little further on your left set back in grounds is a church, St. John the Evangelist, dating from 1852 and is of Victorian Gothic design. The foundation stone was laid by Prince Albert. The building was recently renovated to become the local surgery and Eton College sanatorium. A chapel remains on the upper level.

The next section of the High Street is like a small village, with post office, small school, Barclays Bank etc.

As you cross Baldwin's bridge the High Street changes again in character. Retail outlets here are targeted at the school. There are several 'gentleman's' outfitters with clothing in the windows most people would associate with a bygone stage. In one, you can see the tailors working, still using old hand sewing machines.

There is also a branch of the exclusive Coutts Bank. You now enter an area of impressive buildings of the Eton College campus. The entrance for the tours is down by the Windsor side of the church on your right, at the back of the church. There are extensive Eton sports fields north of the campus with many public footpaths cutting through them.



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