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Bath Road (West) Heathrow Hotels

Make an informed decision on where you are staying at London Heathrow Airport

The White Horse Pub Longford Off Bath Road Heathrow

The White Horse Pub Longford Off Bath Road Heathrow

The Bath Road runs along the northern perimeter of Heathrow Airport and is the main hotel strip. Staying at a hotel along the Bath Road is arguably the best choice for a hotel at Heathrow if you cannot afford the very expensive Sofitel and Hilton hotels attached to Terminals 5 and 4 respectively.

Off airport hotels have a habit, especially at the weekends, of offering 'loss leader' room rates where you may well end up paying much more than the room rate for airport transfers and expensive hotel food and drink. Staying at a hotel along the Bath Road enables you to 'escape' the hotels and eat and drink at local prices and much cheaper, sometimes free public transport to the passenger terminals.

The availability of public transport also enables you to spend time in somewhere attractive like Windsor rather than killing time in the hotel bar. Many Heathrow Airport hotels are isolated where its hard to 'escape'.

On this page we focus on the western section of the Bath Road. Staying here is especially a good choice if you are using Terminal 5.

We have a dedicated page of the eastern section of the Bath Road at Heathrow, which may be of particular interest to those using Terminals 1 and 3. The eastern section also has a larger variety of restaurant choices and access to local shops.

Restaurants, Pubs & Shops On Bath Road (West) Heathrow

3 Magpies Pub

The 3 Magpies is strategically situated above the main entrance to Heathrow airport. In the immediate locality are some of the largest airport hotels at Heathrow.

The Park Inn is opposite and the Renaissance is the next building east along the Bath Road.

The 3 Magpies offers budget simple pub food, most of which is well below the 10 GBP mark.

The Kings Arms Pub

The Kings Arms is located in Longford village opposite the Heathrow Lodge hotel and offers similar 'value for money' simple pub fayre.

Both the Kings Arms and 3 Magpies are at the extreme end of the western section of the Bath Road covered here so have totally different catchment areas.

The White Horse Pub (pictured top of page)

London Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant Heathrow

London Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

Sovereign Convenience Store by Park Inn Hotel Heathrow Airport

Sovereign Convenience Store by Park Inn Hotel

In terms of quality of food, probably the best of the three pubs. This quality comes with a small price premium. Situated in Longford village next to a thatched cottage this is a traditional pub founded in 1601.


Kaniz Indian Restaurant

Kaniz is and Indian restaurant doing the full range including Vegetarian. There is a take away option too. Situated on a small parade of shops on the Bath Road about mid-way between the Arora and Sheraton hotels. The Kaniz has an off-licence situated next door.

London Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

Offers Cantonese and Peking cuisine including a Dim Sum menu. Open for lunch and dinner until late.

Located conspicuously on the corner of a road junction, just east of the Sheraton hotel.

Il Basilico Pasta Restaurant

Down by the side of the Park Inn, a straight forward pasta restaurant serving pizza and pasta dishes at prices well below the neighbouring hotels.

Located next door to the Sovereign Convenience Store (below).


Located strategically at the Longford Village junction from the Bath Road, yards from both the Sheraton and Thistle Heathrow hotels.

The restaurant has a pleasant seating area outside, a nice option on a fine day if you can ignore the noise of the traffic on the Bath Road. There is a petrol/gas station adjacent which sells basic convenience foods and drink.

Sovereign Convenience Store

Handy convenience store that also sells alcohol and some take away food. Situated next door to the Park Inn hotel.

The Sovereign also is an outlet for selling Oyster Cards and Travelcards .

If you are going into London for sightseeing, using one of these is by far the least expensive way to do this from Heathrow using the London Underground.

Map of Bath Road (West) Heathrow With Hotels, Restaurants ...

Toolkit For Estimating Prices Of Add-Ons Beyond Hotel Room Rate

- Hotel Hoppa Buses - No complimentary hotel transfers operated by the hotels, the Hotel Hoppa serves all main hotels for a price.

- Free Local Bus Transfers - Many hotels you can travel to FREE using the red London buses.

- Cost of Breakfast At Heathrow Hotels - Breakfasts can be very expensive at Heathrow hotels with a wide variation between hotels

- Cost of Internet Access At Heathrow Hotels - Again WiFi can be free or eye wateringly expensive depending on hotel you select

- Cost of Overnight Car Parking At Heathrow Hotels - Comparison of overnight car parking charges for guests

Local Buses To The Airport And Beyond

The local buses that run along this section of the Bath Road are from a mixture of operators, the majority being the famous London red buses.

Free Buses To Heathrow Passenger Terminals

One aspect of the local buses that makes them especially attractive to visitors staying in hotels at the airport is that these local buses are free for use all around the perimeter roads. If you are staying at one of the hotels along the Bath Road between the Park Inn and the Longford hotels like the Sheraton and Heathrow Lodge the journey is free to all terminals.

U3 Local Heathrow Airport Bus

U3 Local Heathrow Airport Bus

From the west section of the Bath Road in question, the 423 and 350 buses will take you westward to terminal 5 and the U3, 75 and 76 bus go east to Terminals 1,2 and 3.

If you board or disembark to the west of the Sheraton you pay the standard flat fare, which is still half the price of the Heathrow Hoppa Hotel shuttle buses.

Local Buses Serving Heathrow - More Details

Visiting London From Bath Road East Hotels

The money no object solution to getting into London for sightseeing is to take the Heathrow Hoppa Hotel Buses to Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 and then get the Heathrow Express train into London Paddington.

For a fraction of the price, you can use the London Underground and have unlimited travel for the day on London's buses and Underground using a U3 Local Heathrow Airport Bus.

You can purchase Travelcard and Oyster cards from Sovereign Convenience Store by the Park Inn or you can also get them from the Underground ticket offices at Heathrow.

From the hotels along the western strip of the Bath Road the 423 and 350 buses will take you westward to terminal 5 and the U3, 75 and 76 bus go east to Heathrow Central Bus Station, immediately above Heathrow Central Underground station.

Visiting Windsor From Bath Road West Hotels

The area along the Bath Road is pretty much like the perimeter of any commercial airport. Many people just kill time in the lounge or in the their room watching TV. Close to Heathrow though is Windsor, famous for its castle but a great place to visit and explore with much else besides. There is a great range of interesting places to eat, even a theatre to attend that can make an evening to remember.

Indicative Heathrow Hotel Room Rates

Sampled prices at Heathrow for mid April 2015

Hotels Walkable To Terminals (Note: No Hotels Within Walking Distance Of Terminals 1,2 & 3)

Hotel & Link To Detail Page



Hilton Terminal 4



Sofitel Terminal 5 +#



Heathrow Airport Budget / 3 Star Hotels

Hotel & Link To Detail Page



Heathrow Lodge ~+#



Ibis Heathrow +#



Travelodge Terminal 5 +#



Thistle Terminal 5 +



easyHotel Heathrow



Travelodge Central +#



Comfort Hotel ~



Premier Inn (Bath Road) +#



Holiday Inn Express Terminal 5 +#



St Giles Heathrow ~



Premier Inn (M4/J4) +#



Cottage Guest House ~+#



Premier Inn Terminal 5 +#



Heathrow Airport 4 & 5 Star Full Service Hotels

Hotel & Link To Detail Page



4 Star Mystery Hotel +#



Holiday Inn Heathrow Ariel ~



DoubleTree By Hilton +#



Holiday Inn (M4) Heathrow +#



Novotel Heathrow +#



Arora International +



Holiday Inn Terminal 5



Sheraton Heathrow



Marriott Windsor +#



Renaissance Heathrow



Park Inn Heathrow +#



Crowne Plaza Heathrow +#



Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow +



Hilton Terminal 5 +#



Radisson Blu Edwardian +#



Sheraton Skyline +#



Marriott Heathrow +#



Holiday Inn (Bath Road)



Berkeley Park Apartments +#



~ Single Rooms     + Triple Rooms      # Quad Rooms

Heathrow Airport Hotel Map
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